January 2nd, 2012

My Week with Marilyn

~Monday~  Tonight I saw:

My thoughts in no particular order, hence the rhetorical device known as the unordered list:

  • I thought this film was very well done.

  • I never looked at the time at all during this movie.

  • I thought the Eddie Redmayne, playing Colin, did a great job of portraying that "I can't believe this is happening to me" feeling that his character must have experienced while all this was taking place.

  • I thought Michelle Williams, playing Marilyn, really nailed that "I know I can turn it on when I really need to" knack that Marilyn had.

  • I really liked Kenneth Branagh's portrayal of Sir Laurence Olivier.

  • I always love Judi Dench in anything. This was no exception.

  • I wonder why it took so long to make this movie, since the book came out in 1995, I believe it said at the end.

  • I would love to have seen/known Colin's reaction when he got the news of Marilyn's death and to know if he was invited to the funeral.