December 26th, 2011

More unused minutes than you can shake a cell tower at...

~Monday~  Those of you who know me well know that I don't like to talk on the phone at all.

Robert and I share a Verizon "family plan" for our cell phone service, and when our previous plan that allowed a total of 300 shared minutes per month ended, we had to move up to the "new" minimum minutes plan, which was 700 minutes per month.

Needless to say, I didn't want any more minutes, because with that increase in minutes, of course, came an increase in the monthly bill. Bastards.

As you can see in this quick chart I threw together of our usage this past year, we never even came close to our monthly allowance of 700 minutes. I repeat: Bastards.

I can't recall what made my usage so high in the June accounting period, but the October number includes the time my mom was having her hip replacement surgery and my sister and I were calling each other a lot to coordinate care and visitation.

Ha, Robert! I beat you in April and October. Not that it's a competition or anything. :-) And what are the chances of tying like we did in August? 100%, evidently.

Too bad we can't sell those unused minutes.