November 5th, 2011

While out shopping: The timeless temper tantrum

~Saturday~  While out shopping today, I heard this—what I imagine to be a timeless—exchange between a parent and a child.

Kid sitting in a shopping cart having a tantrum

Little kid passing a candy display: "Mommy, I want some candy!"

Mom: "Honey, you have so much candy at home."

Little kid: "But I'm not at home, mommy!"

That reminded me of this video clip, which was going around Facebook for a while after Halloween, which many, many people said was hilarious, but which I didn't find so. I mean it was alright, but I stopped at about a minute-and-a-half into it, after about the fourth or fifth kid. Perhaps you had to be there, or have kids.

In other news, Area Man had never heard of Jimmy Kimmel before seeing this clip.