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August 10th, 2011

LJ clients for the Mac

I've recently purchased a Mac, and I want an LJ client from which to devise and post my entries.

On Windows I was using Semagic, which I loved and hate to stop using, but...

For the Mac, a quick Google search shows these: http://www.livejournal.com/download/?platform=Macintosh.

Does anyone use any of those that they recommend? If not, is there another you recommend?

Thanks for any help!
~Wednesday~  On the way to the bus stop this morning, I checked my U.S. mail, since I failed to do so yesterday. There were two pieces of junk mail in it: one from AARP and one from American Home Shield trying to sell a security system or something or other. I trashed both without even opening them.

I arrived at the bus stop at 8:10, and I read The Hunger Games until the bus arrived at 8:26. I'm on a mission to finish that book by the 22nd.

The two whom I've mentioned before, who usually sit with someone between them because they let their kids pick the seats and then usually talk over the people between them were aboard this morning.

The one lady had a little girl, who was just adorable, like a doll really, on her lap:

Beautiful little girl on her mom's lap

There were several students on board this morning, as the Wolfline bus that services this area is not running this week.

For the most part, I read the entire way to work. The ability to do being one of the things I love the most about taking public transportation.

We were schedule for our weekly staff meeting this morning, which we moved to today because I worked from home yesterday, but an email from my boss said she wasn't feeling letter and would be in later in the day after hopefully getting a doctor's appointment. I was not sad about not meeting.

I did a lot of editing for information related to Google today, both in terms of communiques going to faculty and staff and Web pages on google.ncsu.edu.

Jen drove me home and came in long enough to witness me opening my new Mac, which of course she captured on her iPhone!

Thanks, again, Jen for the ride home and for everything you did toward this milestone day. :-)

After eating dinner, I ran down to Great Clips at Mission Valley where I got my haircut—4 on the top, 2 on the sides.

Although it's been possible since April, I only learned today that I can "check in" online before heading out there. I'll definitely being doing that next time.

Dancing was fun enough tonight. Getting the fan down the stairs from up in the smoking area was not. A good number of dancers showed up tonight, including the return of the "prodigal son," Rob.

I enjoyed Michael's stories of his recent trip to Machu Picchu.

The puzzle was a bitch tonight, and "the collective brains" (and I use the term "brains" loosely) didn't finish it.

The quote was particularly problematic. And instead of what follows that first line of the quote: "Don't you find it a bit odd..." I think instead of what's there, this would have made more sense: "that there'd be a quote about labor day in the edition three weeks before labor day instead of the edition just before labor day?"

The crossword puzzle solution

I'm just sayin'.



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