April 6th, 2011

Rolls in the morning, intellectual debate all day, and a sh*t-ton of exercise at night...

~Wednesday~  Before parking for the bus on Gorman, I ran into the Food Lion and bought a bag of King's Hawaiian Sandwich Rolls and used one of them to make my breakfast sandwich and another to make my lunch sandwich later in the day.

I initiated what turned out to be a fun, fun, fun discussion on the NC State Technical Communication fan page on Facebook. For posterity, I'm capturing my two questions, which generated 14 and 10 comments respectively, and then my comment to a posting that was already there that took off into a 23-comment discussion.

Shall we use this incident as a teachable moment? I'll give you a topic: 'Not responding to a fan's question for 19 hours or until they have to follow up. It strengthens the ethos of neither the fan page or the organization it represents. DISCUSS.'

Two other questions: 1) Do you expect faculty to participate on this page, and 2) Who should own this page going forward?

What is your intent in what essentially comes across as begging people to be fans of this page?

What made this day-long activity extra fun was a running meta discussion about it in Salon Entelechy.

I posted this Facebook status update from the bus on the way home this afternoon. I had a typo in it, which I've fixed here:

While it's an unexpected pleasantry that this bus driver says, "Have a good day and thank you for riding the Wolfline," it's annoying that he won't open the door before he pronounces the period at the end of the sentence. #LenghthensTheCommute #MakesItAboutHIM

I sent this letter to my N.C. House representative today:

Hello Ms. Weiss,

I thanked you for your work during the last election outside the polling booth on Method Road. And now I want to thank you for your continued consideration of my humanity in the bill that is going to be introduced that would write discrimination into our state constitution by denying same-sex couples any kind of relationship recognition. As your constituent, I ask you to oppose this harmful and divisive bill.

North Carolina law already limits marriage to opposite-sex couples. This bill is really about singling out gay people as second-class citizens in our state's founding document.

This kind of legislation only contributes to the epidemic of suicide among gay teenagers by sending a clear message that they are unworthy of basic dignity. Imagine being a gay kid in high school in North Carolina, already facing harassment from your peers and possibly your own family, and learning that your state's leaders felt it was a priority to deny people like you even the most basic protections.

I ask you to stand strongly in opposition to putting bigotry and discrimination into our state constitution.

John Martin

I met Robert for dinner and to give him his taxes at the shopping center at the intersections of S. Miami Blvd. and T.W. Alexander Drive in RTP/Apex/Durham.

Most of the eating establishments, including our first choice Piper's in the Park, were closed as they only open for lunch. We settled on the Jersey Mike's, where I got their Buffalo Chicken Wrap, which was pretty yummy, but I even said it before we went in, I love their rolls, and afterwards, I wished I'd've gotten something on bread instead of a wrap.

Back at home, I edited Sarah McKone's resume for her, which took me right up until the time to leave for dancing.

Dancing was fun tonight and I got in a shit-ton of exercise.

The guy I'm going to continue to call Ian—even though two people confirmed tonight that that isn't his name—showed up, and although he didn't end up facing me in the middle of the Tush Push this time, he did plow into me in the middle of Backstreet Attitude.