March 16th, 2011

A late start, prolific eye candy, alligator wallpaper, and a fun night of dancing...

~Wednesday~  I got a late start today, missing the 8:15 city bus, so caught a Wolfline bus instead.

As it was approaching 9:00, the bus was super-crowded, which inevitably lends itself to prolific eye candy. But I digress...

A guy sitting across from me was reading The Machine That Changed The World, presumably as a class textbook.

I had a meeting-less day at work, which you know I love.

I made this photo from my trip to New Orleans my wallpaper on my work machine and on my BlackBerry:

Baby alligator head

Dancing was pretty fun tonight. I let the group know that not next Wednesday, but the Wednesday after (the 30th), Geromy will be in town to dance with us.

The Funky Cowboy dance, which we hadn't done probably for a couple of years, but started to do again a couple of weeks ago, has finally all come back to me. I hope we keep doing it to keep it fresh and to return it rote status for me.