August 27th, 2010

Hot up in here, lotta stuff, an arrogant Christian, a calendar FAIL, and a short night out...

~Friday~  I caught the 8:15 city bus, and Stagnant Driver drove up in the mobile steamer.

At a subsequent stop, a girl got on and when she slid her fare card in the machine, it said, "Please pay fare shown." She held her hand above the screen to block the sun to try and see the amount showing on the screen. I thought of this "Hat Fail" from

The next man that got on put in his fare, and as he walked down the aisle toward the back he said, "It's hot up in here!" The lady sitting across from me opened a window. And Stagnant Driver drove on.

Li'l Dino boarded at her stop, and took the seat behind me. She was on her cell phone, and I heard her say, "Oh, she know not to cross that street," and I wondered if she was talking literally or figuratively.

This man had a lotta stuff going on on his head: the hat, there is a pair of prescription glasses sitting on top of the hat, he had those big headphones on (as opposed to earbuds), and he lifted up that right one to talk on the phone. Lotta stuff.

I had a very busy work day, trying to get a bunch of stuff done before the end of the day, as I'm on vacation on Monday.

I went across the street to the Atrium on the Brickyard to grab a sandwich for lunch and there was a line to get in the place, which is unheard of. As it turned out there was a worker standing just inside stopping each person to give them a plastic bag for their food. Gee, thanks. That's so helpful.

I caught the 6:00 bus home, and there was a man on the bus whom I can't describe as anything other than an annoying Christian. When I passed him, he was talking to the man sitting in front of him, whom I believe was a Muslim, and I caught, "No, it's not just what I believe, it's the truth."

The other guy obviously just wanted to be left alone, and when the Christian stood up to get off at his stop, he looked around the bus to everyone as he said, "God bless each and every one of you," and he ended such that he was looking right at the Muslin." Passive-aggressive. Self-righteous. Arrogant.

I wanted to say to him, as he looked at me in his departing sweep and blessing, "No one cares about your God."

When I got home, there were still a few work things that I wanted to get done before I leave for the weekend tomorrow, but I was invited to my friend Sarah's house for some tea leaves reading and Tarot Card reading, which is not something I'd at all seek out, but thought would be fun to do with some of the Salon folks.

I waffled about going, and almost called Sarah to send my regrets, but talked myself into it as it just sounded like one of those type things that has the potential to turn out very, very differently than you anticipate. So I went.

When I pulled up to Sarah and Andrew's house in Apex, it was right at 7:00, but there were no other cars there, and it surprised me that I was the first one there. When Andrew opened the door, I jokingly said, "This is the right night, isn't it?"

He shook his head no, but he's got a great sense of humor and I thought he was keeping a straight face just to play along and make me think it was the wrong night. Then he called Sarah from upstairs, and she came down to tell me that no, really, "My sister's not even in town," and she's the one who was going to read the tea leaves.

On the way home, I got notification on my phone of a Facebook update, and at the next light I saw this photo and caption already out on the Interwebs:

John shows up with drinks and chips and wonders,
"Where is everyone else"? OH it is NEXT weekend!?!
Well it was a nice drive into Apex!

Later when I could, I tweeted this:

This turned out to be rather fortuitous as I went home and got the stuff done for work that I wanted to get done.

I went to The Borough, arriving there at about 10:30, where I stayed about a half hour, having one drink, and actually enjoying sitting outside; that is, until several smokers came out and ruined the nice night air.

As I was finishing my drink, Phil and Joe T. were leaving and I walked with them and a friend over to Flex, where we all thought it was going to be free to get in. Well, they were training a new guy, Alex, at the door, and he got to practice saying "It's $2.00," to a couple of people who thought that was too much on principle, and just left instead of going in.

I looked in the door, where I could see only about two or three people in the entire bar from what I could see, and I thought, "Really? You're going to charge us to get in there?" Joe T. and I left; Phil and the friend that was with him and Joe went in. At least I think they did.