June 9th, 2010

"Riley" says hello, sorta; a 1.75-year buscapade first; Photoshop art, Alejandro, salad, dancing...

~Wednesday~  While waiting for the 8:15 city bus, that Golden Retriever came out to do his on-demand poo, and as soon as he looked up and saw me at the bus stop, he did a trot up toward me ignoring his owner, whom I'm quite sure was calling, "Riley! Riley!"

I thought he liked me and was coming to say hello, but when he got beside me he rooted his snout directly into my soft-sided briefcase sitting on the ground, which contained both a hard-boiled-egg-and-cheddar sandwich and a ham-and-Swiss sandwich. So much for thinking we had bonded the other day. At least we share one life philosophy—"It's all about the food."

I did something this morning that I've never done in the year-and-nine-months I've been riding the bus to work: I missed my stop and had to get off at the one after it. Damn CrackBerry!

It was just past the Brooks Avenue and Vanderbilt Avenue intersection (about where that "112" is noted in the map) that I looked up and realized I'd missed my stop back at the Brooks Lot across the street from the State Employees Credit Union.

As indicated on the map by the red line on Brooks Avenue, the bus made a right turn onto Clark Avenue and I got off at at stop that I didn't even know was there, at the intersection of Clark and Gardner, and which actually turned out to be so nice that I will probably do it from now on!

I usually walk the blue route, which is along Hillsborough Street (indicated in yellow above the service road named Founders Drive), but as a result of missing my stop I took the green route—which is not only green on this map, but greener in the real world, too, as Gardner is a tree-lined side street, whereas Hillsborough Street is a main thoroughfare, with a bunch of construction going on right now, to boot.

Two things in the category of "art":

  1. Nick took to Photoshop and worked on that one awesome picture used at the awards ceremony yesterday to produce these two variations:

  2. My friend Brad brought Lady Gaga's new video Alejandro to my attention. "Holy cow!" That's all I can say about that, although I love what Brad himself said about it:

    "I personally thoroughly enjoyed it although, sadly, that may be because I could spot the influence of at least SIX Madonna videos/costumes and Madonna, nostalgically (?!) represents one of my earlier "video" memories of wanting someone as much out of clumsy curiosity as out of considered fear. Ah, for the direct drunken cigar-smoking purity of Starbuck! Freudian analysis anyone?!"

Another affirmation from that Facebook meme came in from my friend Brenda: "I like that you are a survivor in your own right, a man that lives life to the fullest and a friend that always has a kind word and loving heart."

I started my work day off helping move about 8,000 printed copies of "Computing @ NC State," a copy of which is handed out at New Student Orientation over the summer. About 12,000 of them arrived on the back dock of our building, where 4,000 were to be picked up later in the day to be taken to the Talley Student Center, and the remaining 8,000 had to be brought up to the second floor of our building.

We had our Student E-mail Initiative meeting from 1:00 - 2:15 today, at which I took minutes, and which ran ten minutes over.

Just as I was leaving to catch the 5:30 city bus home, Jen came around the corner on her way out and said, "You want a ride home?" Sweet. Thanks, my friend!

At home, I sliced baby carrots; chopped broccoli into florets; chopped mushrooms that I bought already sliced; diced celery; diced a green, a red, and a yellow bell pepper; diced an onion; diced a large cucumber; and sliced pineapple tidbits in half. A handful of each of those ingredients, along with some raisins, combined to make a huge salad in a large Tupperware bowl for the week.

I'll add some boiled chicken to that a couple of times when I have it, and some cheese. Tonight I made a "chef salad" with it by adding ham, cheese, and hard-boiled egg whites. It was most delicious.

Dancing was just alright tonight. I really wasn't into it that much. There was a minimal crowd there, and I probably spent an equal amout of time working on the community crossword puzzle from this week's Independent as I did dancing. I left at 10:40.