May 23rd, 2010

Tears of Glee, 2-for-1 birthday cards, mostly social at book club, and Victor/Victorias abound...

~Sunday~  I woke up to an incredible thunderstorm at 9:00 this morning. Unable to go back to sleep, even though I hadn't had eight hours, I got up. I had big plans today, but they sputtered out as the day wore on and I didn't move to see things through.

In the early afternoon, somewhere on the Internet (most likely from the,,, or websites), I saw a reference to a 30-minute video of Jane Lynch being interviewed by Katie Couric about Glee on which she plays Sue Sylvester.

Toward the beginning of it, Jane mentions a scene between the gay character and his father. Note: I've never seen Glee, so I don't know any of the character names, but I do know that there's a gay kid on it.

Fast forward an hour, and I'd:

  • Done several different Google (and other site) searches on keywords like "gay," "kid," "out," "father," "episode," "Glee," and several combinations thereof, in search for the Glee episode with said scene it

  • Listened to the entire episode once I found it, which was season one, episode eighteen—watch it yourself, a 44-minute investment:

  • Had crocodile tears streaming down my face after the scene in which "Kurt" and his dad have the kind of affirming conversation every gay son dreams of having with his father.

Bless my mess.

I finally got myself together and packed for the gym, where I thought I'd actually shower after my workout, and then head directly over to my office to do a ton of the work I'd had in mind earlier in the day.

However, just before leaving, I remembered that our Mostly Social Book Club was meeting tonight at 6:30 at the Barnes & Noble in the Streets of Southpoint mall in Durham. Not only did that thwart my plans to shower there, it made me cut my planned 60-minute workout down to 30 minutes. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine for a 566-calorie burn, and did so with no music or podcasts, since I'd left in such a tizzy that I'd forgotten my iTouch.

Back at home, I popped in one of my most favorite frozen dinners, Weight Watcher's Smart Ones Traditional Lasagna, which is just yummy, yummy, yummy, and after a quick shower, I was on the road to Durham amidst the most amazingly changing weather over the course of the 20-minute ride there. It went from an absolute torrential downpour at one point, to the brightest of sunshine and clearest of skies, at another. Crazy.

We're reading The Blind Side, but tonight we put the "mostly social" in the Mostly Social Book Club. We did talk about the book a little, just from the perspective of how far into it everyone was, and then Janet, our resident Lesbian, tried to explain football positions to the rest of us, myself being—probably—least interested in the lesson. I did chime in at one point that I had heard of tight ends before.

Mary didn't make it tonight, as she wasn't feeling well. Suzanne brought some most delicious brownies for Janet's birthday, which was earlier this month. I gave Janet a birthday card with three women on the front with huge breasts on it, and quipped, "I love that I can get both you and my brother-in-law the same birthday card."

At one point, during the 2.5-hours we were there, I went into the men's room, and upon exiting went up to the front desk, where I said to a cashier, "Is there a member of the management team here?"

"Yes, she just went upstairs. I'll call her," she replied dialing a phone that seconds before had been in a holster on her waist belt.

"There's a gentleman here at the registers who would like to talk to a manager... No, I don't... Sir, may I ask what it is regarding?"

I said, "Someone needs to go into that men's restroom and clean it. It's an absolute disaster in there."

I met Joe at The Borough at 9:30, where on the way in, I saw the guy I've mentioned in here before that has changed his name from Brian to Noah—or vice versa, who can keep up?

Inside, Joe sat at the bar and when I joined him, he introduced me to Chris and Jeff who were sitting to his right, Chris closest, then Jeff. Later when the four of us were at Flex at karaoke, the emcee called the next singer, Sean, to the stage, and much to our collective surprise, Chris got up to go sing.

Joe looked at him questioningly and Chris/Sean whispered as he walked away, "I'll explain that later." Said singsongly, with the middle syllable going way up, "What-EV-er!"

It was actually fairly festive there for Sunday night karaoke for a change. Chaz was there, and it looks like maybe he's completely switched over to being a girl full time, but again, who can keep up? After she sang two songs—in a row, don't ask me how she rates that—with her most phenomenal voice, I bade goodnight to Joe and took my leave of the place.

In the immortal words of Click & Clack, the Tappet Brothers, I've "squandered away another perfectly good hour," down in that hole.