March 31st, 2010

Flashcards, darkside of the rainbow, an imminent cultural adventure, key issues, and dancing...

~Wednesday~  I rode the #9 Greek Village Wolfline bus in this morning, on which a young, female student studied, what looked like, vocabulary words, using flashcards. Word on the front, definition on the back. I noticed yellow highlighting in some of the definitions when the cards were flipped. I didn't realize they still made 3x5 cards anymore, much less the cute little burgundy card holder with a clear, plastic flap that snapped shut.

A guy got on wearing this shirt:

and I only saw that rainbow at first glance and thought, "Wow, that guy has a shirt with the gay rainbow on it."

I sat in the very back seat of the bus, which I'm not sure I've ever done, and where I had to keep my feet on tiptoes in order to reach the floor. Didn't love that.

I had a glorious meetingless work day today, and I spent the entire afternoon working on a replacement FAQ page for our, now imminent, offering of Google Apps @ NC State Gmail for students.

Just before noon, I received an e-mail about a need to host visitors from South Africa starting next week for a little over three weeks. The program is being managed out of Appalachian State, and I sent an e-mail to the coordinator letting him know I'd be interested. In it, I said Mike Giancola (the person who forwarded App State's request to those of us here at NC State) could probably provide a "character reference" for me if need be. Mike later sent an e-mail (copying me) with this affirmation in it:

Jesse, I can speak to John's character.  He recently advised a group of students on a Habitat for Humanity service trip to the Gulf Coast as part of my work at the university and would be a good representative.

Within about an hour-and-a-half, I was confirmed into the program and sent the name of a gentleman who will be staying with me. You know you'll hear more about this in the coming weeks. He arrives next Thursday.

In early afternoon, I got a call from the Sanford SPCA (I believe that's who it was), asking me about "Josh & Emily's" desire to adopt a dog, for whom I was listed as a reference. Dogs barked in the background throughout the entire "interview," and I hung up thinking of the dogs: "Hope one of you gets lucky."

Before leaving work, I didn't open my desk drawer, since I already had my keys in my pocket and my watch on, and I caught the #9 Greek Village Wolfline bus back to my car. I opened my car door with the part of my key chain that houses my car fob, and when I opened my cup holder to get the other half of my keyring, on which resides my ignition key, I found it empty. If only I'd taken that last peek into my desk drawer at work, I would have seen that half of my key ring laying there.

Before leaving work, I'd gotten sudden, severe stomach cramps, and at this point I hoped I could get home to a restroom without incident. I managed the walk home without incident, but with this unexpected turn of events in my day and with my stomach situation, I decided to skip class tonight.

I had dinner and finished an edit of a friend's short story by 7:00 and I was about to lie down for a nap when I remembered that my car was still a good walk from my house. I snatched my spare car key, and walked back to it.

While I was out, I zipped around the corner to the grocery store, where I bought some lunch meat, some grated Parmesan cheese for salads, and two Granny Smith apples.

At home, I had a killer salad before heading to Flex for dancing at 9:00. When I first got there, right at 9:00, the bartender ("Big Jim") was the only person in the place. It turned out that Bill, Michael, and Van were all up on the smoker's patio—point being, though, that the bar was dead.

There did end up being somewhat of a crowd there, though. Those three black chicks and their white "uncle" from last week came back, plus they brought a few other friends with them since it was the "uncle's" birthday. They had a-hootin' and a-hollerin' time taking the lessons. The dance was Bumpers.

I left at about 10:45 as things were starting to wind down, and I had a quick work item I wanted to get done when I got home.