February 14th, 2010

Some volunteer work, a trifecto workout, and some bar-hopping...

~Sunday~ Over breakfast, I checked in with Robert about celebrating Valentine's Day today. He's still fighting (the end) of a cold, and we knew it would be crowded out today, so we agreed to celebrate it on Tuesday evening, as we already have a night out planned attending The Monti.

The theme for Tuesday night is Chance Encounters, and the storytellers will be sharing narratives about those unlikely meetings with people that have had a lasting impact on them. The storytellers include: Billy Warden, Sarah Miracle Feld, Michael Goldman, Kay Goldstein, and Quinn Dalton.

I was going to go to the gym at about 2:00, but I found my iTouch battery just about depleted, so I reorganized my day putting in a load of laundry and finishing up the minutes of our last Manbites Dog Board of Directors meeting.

I got to the gym at a little after 4:00, where I did a trifecta workout today, still trying to make up for some of the damage I did while traveling.

Normally, I would have just done upper body and abs crunches today, but I tacked on a 30-minute cardio workout as well, for an 1150-calorie total workout burn.

I met Joe at Flex at 6:00, where all we did was park. We walked over to the Flying Saucer, as I'd seen a tweet earlier from Jason that he and Leo were there. I wasn't sure they'd still be there, but they were, actually finishing up their last drink before heading to a bar called Aviator in Fuquay-Varina.

Leo showed us his recently-earned plate on the ceiling. They've got a good marketing thing going on there, where people earn a plate with their name on it after drinking 200 different kinds of beers there. There is a limit of three per day.

There were a few plates on the walls and ceiling with a black drape over them and Leo explained to us that those were ones that hadn't been "unveiled" yet. What happens when you get your plate is that you get a $100 bar tab to use on a party to which you invite your friends for the unveiling. Cool.

After a couple of drinks there, Joe and I took The R Line over to Landmark, where it was dead, and we stayed long enough to drink one drink.

The R Line had stopped running at 8:00 (we were on the last bus), so we walked back to The Borough, which was a pleasant walk and I welcomed the exercise.

There we ran into Rick Enlow, who was having dinner, and he bought me a shot (in honor of my Aunt Annette), and he paid for one round of drinks for Joe and me. Sweet!

Our final stop was back in Flex, where when we entered, we were the only two patrons in the bar other than the karaoke emcee (bob) and the bartender (Jim). Jim noted that he was now the Wednesday night bartender, which means that the straight hottie has either quit, gotten fired, or moved to another night.

A few people trickled in, and karaoke eventually started, and we left not too long after that.
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