February 3rd, 2010

Another city bus, a checklist meeting, class, a misplaced car, and ugly line-dancers...

~Wednesday~  I rode the city bus in today, but not the #12 Method bus. Instead I parked over by Avent Ferry road and took the #11 Avent Ferry bus in. That ride had more of a Wolfline "look and feel" to it, as by the time we got near campus the entire aisle was filled with people (almost all students), which never happens on my city bus.

The reason I took that bus is that I had a morning meeting in the Talley Student Center and that bus goes most directly to the campus gym near the student center. The Wolfline buses go there, too, but that stop for them is on the tail end of the routes instead of the front ends.

My meeting was from 9:00-10:00 and it was between the leadership team (myself, Jackie, and Tierza) of our Thibodaux trip and the director and assistant director of NC State's Alternative Spring Break Program. This is a final checklist type meeting to make sure both the leadership team and the university program managers are on the same page about where everything is and how everything will go down while we're on the road. Jackie, who is our (very experienced) student leader had everything good to go, so it was a pretty easy meeting!

Into my office at a little after 10:00, shortly thereafter I had a meeting with one of my organization's assistant director to review the web pages I had designed for him yesterday. That went well.

For most of my class meeting days this semester, I've gone home before class, mostly to get my car. Today I didn't have time for that, so I just walked across the street at about 5:40 for 6:00 class.

At the beginning of class, I reviewed a presentation for Jen that she's going to give tomorrow on Usability. I wrote up just a few comments, as overall, it was well done and pretty clean.

The topic of tonight's student presentation was "E-mail Lists and Forums," and let's just say I didn't really learn anything knew from it. I'm pretty familiar with those technologies.

For the last 30 minutes or so of class, Jen returned to the podium and finished her presentation on blogging that she started several classes ago, but didn't have time to finish. It was mostly a hands-on session, in which we customized our own Wordpress blogs whenever she showed us how to do something that we were interested in implementing in our blogs. My biggest feat was categorizing the links in my sidebar into the "class categories" of Dweebs, Geeks, and Nerds, the results of which you can see by scrolling down the sidebar to the blogroll section.

I had planned to meet Jen at the gym after class, but I had a couple of things I really needed to get done before dancing, and last week when I went to the gym before dancing, I really was pressed for time.

Jen was kind enough to give me a ride home anyway, and I insisted she dropped me off at the bottom of the small hill up into my townhouse area instead of driving up in there and having to turn around. That way, she could just "drop and go." Had I not done that, I would have noticed when she pulled up to my parking spots that my car was not there, since I'd driven over to Avent Ferry and parked there this morning.

To that end, after grabbing something to eat real quick, I had a nice, brisk walk to fetch my car, using up all the time I saved by not going to the gym. Bless my mess.

Dancing was fun tonight. That straight, hottie bartender was working again, and when I paid for my first drink, I held out my hand flat on the bar waiting for my change, and he said to me, playfully, "You trying to hold my hand?"

To which I replied, "I wouldn't turn it down."

We had a good number of dancers tonight, and there were a few people in the crowd. One was this really attractive guy, a friend of Hank's, but one of those types that once you meet them and talk to them, you think, "Wow, how unattractive."

After watching us, fairly intently, dance for about an hour, I introduced myself to him and asked him if he was a dancer.

To which he replied, "Well, not that line dance crap. I two-step, waltz, Schottische, and swing. Real dances. Line-dancing is for people too ugly to get partners to dance with them."

Alrighty then. Check, please!

I left right at 11:00, and had somewhat of an eating frenzy once I got home, although I still ended up below my 1900-2100 calories range for the day.