January 14th, 2010

A mistakenly noisy idling car, lunch w/Susan, stolen cookies, & thoroughly enjoyable storytelling...

~Thursday~  Because there was ice on my windshield this morning, I did something I can't ever remember doing—I started my car to run while I poured my coffee into my thermos and gathered my things up to leave.

As I returned to my living room, which faces the parking area, I could hear my car running, and I thought, "Oh my god. Here I am bitching about that loud idling SUV across the parking lot, and my car is just as loud."

I grabbed my stuff and ran out, totally relieved to find out that the people across the street with said SUV had sometime slipped out and started their vehicle, and that's what I was hearing inside. Whew!

I drove over to the Food Lion to pick up something for our department meeting, and decided on Snackwell cookies, as all three of us are dieting. I bought the twelve-pack, and I hopped on the Wolfline bus just as it was pulling out. Good timing.

I had lunch today with my ex-professor and now friend, Susan, at Sadlack's Heroes. I had their veggie wrap, which was delicious.

It was good to catch up, and Susan showed me her new car on the way out—her new (2009) car that her significant other found for her for $8,000.

We had our weekly 1.5-hour working department meeting, starting at 2:00, but actually ended before 3:30. I passed out one package of four cookies to each person. I ate two of my four and twisted the package up to save for later when I had the rest of my coffee from this morning.

At the end of the meeting, my officemate Rhonda said, "I have a confession to make."

"What's that?" I asked.

"I ate your cookies." I looked down and sure enough the two cookies I had saved were gone. Too funny.

I left my office just before 4:00 intending to catch one of the Wolfline buses over to the Talley Student Center where I had a 4:15 meeting, but once outside decided just to walk over there instead.

I met with Jackie (the student leader) and Tierza (the other staff advisor) and we discussed our upcoming retreat for the Alternative Spring Break group we're working with. One more student has dropped out, so we're down to 13 students and the three of us.

I left there right at 5:00 and caught a Wolfline bus up to the shopping center, jumped in my car and drove over to the Borders bookstore in Cary, where the second book for my class, The Wisdom of Crowds, was being held and for which I had a 33% off coupon.

In and out nabbing that, I proceeded to Durham, where I picked up Robert at about 6:15 and we drove over to Alvia's for The Monti.

The Monti is an organization that brings personal narratives and good old-fashioned storytelling to a live audience. At The Monti we invite members of the Durham/Chapel Hill community to tell their own stories that follow the night’s theme. Stories are about twelve minutes in length and the use of notes is prohibited. The stories are fresh, real, unexpected, and uncensored. Anything goes and audiences will embrace these events with a combination of emotions from laughter to tears.

Tonight's storytelling theme was "Inspiration," and the storytellers were:

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All five of the stories were very entertaining, and in the spirit of the abundance mentality (as opposed to the scarcity mentality, in which I would have awarded one winner), I gave each storyteller their own accolade:

  • Vanessa Wood—Funniest Story

  • Rob Dunn—Most Animated Storyteller

  • John Kessel—Most "Self-genre-tized" Story (and by that I meant he told a story about himself in the Science Fiction genre and he's a Science Fiction writer)

  • Scott Huler—Most Poignant Story

  • Amanda Lamb—Most Retro Story

In thinking about the story that best exemplified the theme of the evening, which again was "Inspiration," I was torn between Scott's and John's stories.

It was a great, great evening spent with Robert in Durham. I just love live performances.