October 5th, 2009

Fun time at the dentist (really!), price check on aisle 11, MBD BOD meeting minutes, & an office run

~Monday~  Sitting in the lobby of my dentist's office, which it shares with what looks like another medical-type practice, it occurred to me that I've been coming here forever, and I have no idea what that business actually is.

Once I was called back, I asked, "Can you tell how long I've been coming here?" She looked at my chart and said, "Since 1980" to which I replied, "29 years, and you know what? I have no idea what that business is that shares a lobby with y'all; what is it?"

"They do root canals over there," she said, "and they're great! I had mine done there, and they were so good. It's a father-in-law and son-in-law who run it."

I thought two things: (1) I guess it's a good thing that I didn't know that, as it means I haven't ever had a root canal or they probably would have recommended them, and (2) It's interesting that they have a family business there, too, as my dentist office is a husband and wife team.

Because my appointment this morning was a reschedule, I didn't have my usual hygienist, Lee Ann, whom I love. Instead, I got Elizabeth, whom I've never seen before, and whom I would characterize as "a scraper."

She scraped the absolute hell (or more accurately, I guess, plaque) out of my teeth, and I mean in and around every tooth, and when she was done she said, "You take such good care of your teeth!"

To which I retorted, "You'd never know it with all that scraping you just did."

She laughed. [Did I say something funny?] And then she said, "Yeah, I scrape around every tooth. I want to make sure you get your money's worth."

I said, "Well, you did that. Now I get to go on Twitter and use my favorite line after having my semi-annual cleaning: 'My teeth are so clean I could eat off them.'" She liked that one.

My dentist Susan, whom I also love, was off today, and a substitute dentist checked my teeth. I think her name was Kay. At the end, she said, "You look good."

To which I retorted, "And my teeth, too?" She and Elizabeth both laughed, and I added, "We're here all week folks. Try the mint-flavored floss."

Laughing, the dentist asked, "Are you a morning person?"

"No, I'm really not," I said, which is true.

"Well, you're pretty quick, for not being one," she said.

I'll take that as an affirmation.

I forgot to capture this from when I went to Lowe's yesterday. At the suggestion of my friend, Brender, I checked out reusable coffee filters while I was there and they only had one brand. The price was $9.65, and I thought, "Wow, that's higher than I thought it would be. Since I have a boatload of paper filters left, I'm going to hold off on that."

From there, I went to Target, where I saw the exact same filter for $4.95. That certainly made me wonder about the prices of the two faucets I just purchased at Lowe's. When, I'm ready to buy one, I'll certainly get the one at Target.

After my dentist appointment, I worked my morning from home. I caught the 11:40 Wolfline bus in order to get to a "Lunch & Learn" session that started at 12:15 in the building across the street from my office.

Waiting in line for the university bus, there were three students—all male—also waiting for the bus. All three of them had earbuds in attached to some brand of MP3 player, and all three of them were texting on their phones. I only had my earbuds with me, but not my iTouch. I thought of putting my earbuds in just to be cool, and let the headphone jack just lead into my pocket. Then I thought, "Would that really be cool?"

What definitely wasn't cool were the two people who drove by the bus stop texting while driving.

I spent most of my work day today editing and working on frequently asked questions. I also canceled a meeting, set another one up, and tweeted about upcoming workshops being put on by our organization.

This evening, I worked on the Manbites Dog Board of Directors meeting minutes from our September 21st meeting.

I had a short, fun instant message conversation with my sister on Facebook. She had participated in the "Honesty" meme, and I thoroughly enjoyed her answers, actually learning a few things about her!

She told me that she'd done another LGBT Diversity training session, in which there was one out faculty member participating, and that she (the faculty member) loved my Will & Ned poster. She said it was an excellent representation of reality. I'll take that as an affirmation, too.

Late tonight, I ran to my office taking a 12-pack of Diet Mountain Dew, some food for our department meeting in the morning, and my laptop, since I was done with it for the night and it would be one less thing to carry in the morning.

I stopped for gas on the way home, which for posterity was $2.34 a gallon.