July 2nd, 2009

Transparency, diversity unappreciated, and big, big news from Flex...

~Thursday~ Today I took a seat about three-quarters of the way to the rear of the bus, which is unusual. I usually sit in the first third. But today, the bus was unusually full in the front.

Lo and behold, about two stops after I got on, the boy with the clear backpack got on, and took the seat right across from me. I elevated the tome that Anna Karenina is, just high enough to look over it and at the backpack. Though I thought I was being sly, I'm sure I was as transparent as the backpack itself.

With that said, I know you want to know—and you know I'm going to tell you—what I observed in it.

First of all, I didn't see that phallic white cylinder from yesterday. I did see a black magic marker that might have been a Sharpie brand, but the chisel tip, not the fine point; one pump bottle, of which I could see neither the contents nor a label (You must click this!); and two aerosol cans, the large circumference ones like Lysol Disinfectant cans, not the smaller circumference ones like Glade. There was more stuff, too, but that's as far as I could get without him saying, "Wachoo lookin' at, Willis?"

I helped with Parent Orientation again today, this time with my colleague David presenting instead of Sarah who presented on Tuesday. There were a lot fewer parents at today's session, probably because of it being so close to the 4th of July holiday weekend.

We had fewer questions than last time, and the last man to ask me a question—an older gentleman—took the opportunity to dump on me about how his wife (who was waiting for him outside the room) got free support with her recently purchased Mac, but how he has to beg her to use the support line. "She keeps asking me questions, and I don't know the answer to them. I don't know why she doesn't like to call. The last time she did call, she didn't even get an Indian person; she got someone we could understand."

"Alrighty then. Look at the time," I thought.

On the way back from that meeting, I stopped to grab a sandwich at Coffee Haven, because it was convenient, and I wanted to get to a lunch gathering that was staring in less than five minutes from then. I generally don't get food from that place, as it's over-priced in my opinion, and the lady who runs it is not very friendly.

Though I waffled a bit during the evening, I did end up going to Trailer Park Prize Night, which I haven't been to in many, many months now. Anita Winebar (bottom right, red hair) was the emcee. Ms. Purina Chow (left, blue lips) made a rare appearance, and Paulina Rubyhoe (middle, pinkish headband), who always makes laugh, because he's a friend of a friend of mine and I rarely see him in drag. I don't know "Taylor" and I didn't stay long enough to see herm [combination of him and her] perform.

This was the huge, huge, HUGE news from Flex last night. Laying on the bar was a sign that read,

Coming August 9, 2009 - Flex will become smoke-free, with a smoking patio available.