June 30th, 2009

Screaming Jacksons, NSO orientations, technology replacing humans, and a nap...

~Tuesday~ Someone pointed to this video in a tweet. I'd never seen it (or heard of it), but I love it.

I tweeted this today:

nematome: Confession: I'm waiting to buy some MJ music until after they stop reporting the number of sales of everything since his death. #dontknowwhy

Our weekly team meeting was canceled this morning, as my boss was out another day to be with her mother who is recovering from hip surgery after a fall last Friday.

I met with a colleague regarding communication-related announcements and materials about the changing access to the building in which we work. Beginning tomorrow, we will no longer have a security guard sitting in the lobby of our building (to the tune of a $50,000 per year savings), so people will have to scan their badges in one of the various scanners now installed in the building.

New student orientation for the university started today, and I attended two events associated with it.

The first event was a presentation by a peer manager of my manager, who shared information about information technology at NC State to the parents of students who will be starting in the fall. It covered a lot of information—from their user IDs, to computer and software purchases, to IT security (such as antivirus software, strong passwords, phishing attacks, and laptop locks); to our Walk-in center where students can get help with hardware or software issues with their computer; have viruses, spyware, or malware removed from their computers, or rent DVD players, playstations, VCRs, and converter boxes.

I used a remote control to advance the slides for Sarah, who was doing the presentation, and then I helped answer parents' questions afterwards.

From there, I walked over to the Talley Student Center, where I helped for an hour-and-a-half or so with an "Info Fair." This event was primarily geared towards parents, but there were a lot of students there as well. There were "booths" of the many services, clubs, and groups on campus, and I helped staff the "Information Technology" booth.

I worked with a colleague of mine, Jason (Awesome). As he is in everything he does, he was the consummate professional. Well, for the most part. Boys will be boys, after all.

I spent most of today in "sponge mode," as I'm going to do these events at least once a week, sometimes twice, throughout the month of July.

Before leaving work for the day, I put signs up in the lobby of the building—one for the building residents, the other for visitors—taping them to the front desk, at which the security guard sat for his last day. It was kind of awkward working around someone who is being replaced by technology. I did ask him if he had another place that he'll be going to guard, and he said that he did.

I ran into the credit union, as I stand right outside of it for the bus, and deposited a check into my savings account. Afterwards, I read a little of Anna Karenina while I waited about ten minutes for the bus. It was gloriously cool on the bus for my ride home.

A lady way in the back talked so loudly on her cell phone that I could hear every word of the conversation up in the front of the bus. Fortunately I was able to keep reading my book without getting caught up in her conversation, although I did hear her say, "I love you," before hanging up at the stop before my stop, as I'd just put my book back in my briefcase in anticipation of exiting the bus.

I was wiped out from lack of sleep last night, and went in for nap at about 6:30, right after eating a bowl of cereal for dinner. I woke up at 8:30, and fortunately, realized that it was 8:30 at night on Monday night. :-)

I caught up on some email, wrote this blog entry, and read a little more of Anna Karenina before retiring for the evening.