March 2nd, 2009

A snow day, working from home, canceling my STC conference trip, working out, & grocery shopping...

I awoke to a snow-filled outside, and settled into a day of working from home, as the university was operating under its adverse weather advisory today.

My manager checked in at a little after 9:30, and she had gone into work, but not without incident. She did a 180° spin at an intersection, but fortunately all cars around her were able to stop to avoid any mishap.

Someone I follow on Twitter, @Sonja_Foust, had an incident of a different kind. Her blog entry for today was highlighted on 30THREADS, and it was called, "A Series of Unfortunate Events." Unlike most of the people who left their cars outside overnight, she didn't wake up to find hers covered with snow. Read why not.

My friend Sarah and I found out today that our conference session for Leadership Day at the STC Annual Conference in Atlanta from May 6-9 was not accepted. We were both counting on that as our second session at which to present, as we're both part of another session (different ones) that have already been accepted. Being presenters for both of them was going to waive our entire registration fee, which is $700. However, with this session of ours not being scheduled, we will both only get a discounted registration fee, each having to pay $500.

I'm not willing to pay that, as I was already paying my flight down there, my hotel, which is in the $174 (per night, and that's without the tax, for 4 nights), and my meals. In a normal budget year, my job would probably have paid for this entire conference, but with things being they way they are, they were only willing to let me count the three work days (Mon-Wed) that I would have been there as work days, instead of having to take vacation. (Which I would have appreciated.)

So, I sent a note to the leader of the other session that I was supposed to present in telling her that I'm sorry to have to back out.

Now, I have an already-paid flight on Southwest, for $99, that I have to try and do something with. Perhaps I can trade it in, for a fee I'm sure, toward a round-trip flight between Raleigh and Orlando to go to DisneyWorld with Robert.

I got to the gym today at 4:30, planning to finish my workout in time to take advantage of 1st Monday Free Pizza; however, stepping in the entrance, I saw no "Free Pizza TODAY!" sign like the usually have, and they never did bring any out. I think they may have stopped it. That, and 2nd Tuesday Free Bagels, I would imagine. Bummer.

Oh well. I did 200 crunches (10 sets of 20 reps), and followed that up with 60 minutes on the treadmill.

I stopped at the grocery store next door before heading home. I bought some Cheddar Wurst, in anticipation of the weather later in the week:

7-Day Weather Forecast with Friday at 74 degrees circled in red

One of the tweeters, @DTRaleigh, sometimes has a cookout on his rooftop in downtown Raleigh when the weather's nice. I told him that if he had one this Friday, I'd bring my Cheddar Wursts with me and cook us each one on my special wiener grillers:

A 'stick man' made out of metal on a stand with a spike in its groin area to which a hot dog is stuck and hanging

At home, I sliced up a Delicious Red apple that I'd bought, and I enjoyed each slice with a slice of extra sharp Cheddar cheese. It was most yummy. I followed that up with a bowl of Tomato & Rice soup, and three strips of boiled chicken breast on which I put a little bit of my favorite barbecue sauce, Bull's Eye.

We were supposed to have our second salon meeting tonight, but we've rescheduled it to two weeks from tonight, since the weather was so precarious today.