February 18th, 2009

A Han-dee Hugo world, work, and play...

Some time overnight in the last couple of days, the Crown Fast Fare gas and convenience store near my house turned into a Han-dee Hugo's. Then today, I noticed that the Crown on the corner of Hillsborough and Gorman has turned into a Han-dee Hugo's. And not only that, but the gas station and convenience store right across the street from it is a Han-dee Hugo's and the remaining branding from its previous owner reveals that it used to be a BP station.

So, of course this made me wonder, "Is Han-dee Hugo's taking over the world?" This article, Han-Dee to Upgrade 25 Crown Fast Fare Stores, provides some insight.

It was a meeting-kind-of-morning for me, both an hour-long, and both planning meetings with IT groups with whom I'm working to migrate content from one website to another.

I had planned on going to an afternoon work-related social networking (NING) group meet-up, but I decided not to attend in order to get that interview I did yesterday written up. Unfortunately, that ended up not happening either.

Dancing was fun enough tonight. A guy named Ralph, who has moved here recently from Los Angeles was there, and he along with Steve and Wayne (Ernie's Wayne) took Carl's Boot Scootin' Boogie lesson.

I actually had a two-step with Geromy, to Planet of Love, which went pretty darn well. He and I have never danced together over all the time we've both been dancing.