February 4th, 2009

Dreams of Barack, floss manufacturing, blog affirmation, games & learning, $$$, and dancing...

Someone on Twitter pointed out this website today: Dreams of Barack. I like the concept. I, myself, have not had a Barack dream yet.

Is dental floss made in the U.S. at all? I have three rolls currently at my house: one made in China, one made in England, and the other one made in Canada.

I've been meaning to capture this e-mail affirmation from last week, from one of the people in my China trip delegation. She's the President of her own company:

I read some of your blog. You are much more entertaining to read than any blog I’ve ever read!!!

Perhaps it is because I’m predisposed to like you. :-) Perhaps even in a blog, your writing skills come through. From some people, blogs are hard to slog through (word play intended).

I hope you are well (you seem to be).


I attended a 1.5-hour meeting today consisting of presentations and discussion on the following areas of research:

Is Learning a Serious Game?

Join our expert panel as they discuss the field of serious games for education and share with us the games they are creating for teaching & learning in a range of disciplines--and how they might be useful for yours. As always, the questions the attendees ask are as illuminating as the presentations so make sure to be part of this discussion.

Our distinguished panel from NC State are:
Dr. Len Annetta, Math, Science and Technology Education
Dr. Adriana de Souza e Silva, Communication
Dr. James Lester, Computer Science-Engineering
Dr. Hiller Spires, Curriculum, Instruction & Counselor Education
Dr. Michael Young, Computer Science-Engineering

Join us for fascinating conversation!

Students, Faculty, Staff, and Administrators--All welcome!

I met with my financial advisor today for the first time in quite a while. Though, not expecting good news at all, I left feeling pretty good—the loses weren't as bad as I'd thought.

I told him that in the past four or five months, I had been avoiding looking at my monthly statements showing all of my balances, but that finally I had opened one, either the November or December one, and after noting the $65,000 loss, I gently folded it up and have been avoiding them ever since.

Dancing was fun tonight. There were a few people there watching, which always makes it more interesting.

Carl taught Matador, and two or three people joined in for the lesson.