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January 30th, 2009

This morning was a little hectic, as I had committed to bring in some breakfast items for our team meeting at work, but I didn't take care of it last night.

I drove over to the Food Lion on Avent Ferry road, and shopped real quick for Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Patties, King's Hawaiian Rolls, and a half-gallon of Dole Pineapple-Orange Juice, which I carried onto the Wolfline bus right there, along with my soft briefcase and my laptop bag.

We had a productive 1.5-hour meeting, and my manager brought some food as well—one small loaf of pumpkin bread and one small loaf of banana bread—both of which I love.

Needless to say, I wasn't hungry at lunch time, since we ate throughout that meeting at it ended at 11:00. Since I was just going to have two leftover slices of pizza that I had for lunch earlier in the week, that were in the work fridge, I just waited until later in the afternoon (about 2:30) to each lunch.

A member of the STC-Carolina chapter is writing a story about my China presentation, and she asked me to read it for accuracy about some of the things I presented, so I spent some time doing that today.

After receiving confirmation that my second presentation for the STC annual conference in May had been accepted, and that my bosses will let me count the three days I'm there as work days, I made some flight reservations for that trip. I got a $98 round-trip flight between here and Atlanta. Sweet.

I had intended to check out Show Tunes at Flex tonight, but my 8:00-10:00 nap actually went 'til 11:00, and that was that. Oh well, second-hand smoke gladly missed out on.




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