December 16th, 2008

Work stuff, including affirmations, back to the gym, shopping, and researching...

My work day started off with professional affirmations about some work I recently completed—one affirmation from my manager and one from my manager's manager:

  • "Thanks so much, John! I spot a few errors of fact (picky, picky), but this is a great start and plan."

  • "I like where this is headed. Thanks for the good work."
I did some more work with Alan and Dana on developing their website content, and started some website consistency work regarding the home page for our organization. I also did a little bit of work on a cross-UNC-system idea that I have.

At about six o'clock, I headed to Planet Fitness, where I did the following work:

 Exercise Category

 Exercise Type



StrengthUpper body45 minutesI lowered all of my weights between 15-20 pounds since it's been so long since I last did upper body work. I only caught one or two people looking at my exposed knee and partially shaved leg. What was interesting about this was that it made me realize just how much progress I had made before quitting.
 Strength Ab crunches10 minutesOn ab cruncher machines
 StretchingBack and legs10 minutesI wish I'd had my "Back strengthening exercises" sheet with me. I did as many as I could from memory.

After my workout, I stopped in the Harris Teeter right next door and bought a couple of staples.

At home, I did some work-related reading about communicative purpose in an interlibrary book loan request that came in. This is in regards to a research paper I've started working on.

I continued with the icing of me knee.