November 1st, 2008

Back in the U.S.A.—and a talking-it-easy kind of day...

I had hoped to take advantage of the last day of early voting, but I slept so late that I didn't make it.

I spent a few hours unpacking a little, organizing some of my digital photos, and ordering the blog entries in our P2P techcommchina blog.

Robert came over at about 7 or 7:30, and he brought me a couple of things from his mom, who has started going through her things since her cancer diagnosis. This is the most incredibly coincidental thing: She sent me a painted ceramic face with a little piece of paper describing it that started, "Peking opera facial makeup has been..."

And what did I have for her from China? A box that says, "Peking Opera Facial Makeup Chocolates." Very, very weird.

Robert treated us to dinner at Chargrill. Yum. Yum. Good old American food. :-)

Back at the house, we watched three or four episodes of the first season of the show Six Feet Under, which we've both come to love.