September 9th, 2008

My penultimate work day at IBM, Hive5s for posterity, a bunch of affirmations...

I was in and out of the gym by 8:30 this morning, where it was Free Bagel Tuesday, and I did only cardio.

Exercise Type
Minute Duration

Cardio (Stationary Bicycle)


Cardio (Treadmill)


Today was my penultimate work day at IBM. I'm off tomorrow. Thursday is my last day.

I completed Shruti's edit today. I have a short edit to do for Kate on Thursday, and at the end of the day, I will turn in my badge, office keys, and laptop to Woody Oliver—at which point the fat lady will sing.

Today's entry is going to be long. I'm capturing some things for posterity, as I'm going to lose access to my IBM system on Thursday. There are a lot of affirmations here, too, so if you're going to read it all you might want to have one of these handy.

I received this e-mail affirmation from one of my favorite people on the planet today.

Hello John!!

I've been meaning to send you an email since last week to tell you about a conversation where you were mentioned. I was at a meeting with all the faculty who will be leading spring break trips this year. After the meeting this man I'd never met before came up to me and said, "You worked with John Martin." This was not a question, just a statement.

Well, I brightened right up and said with lots of enthusiasm, "Yes, John is marvelous! How do you know him?" He said, "I keep hearing that. He's going to be working in my department soon. You spoke with Jude about him recently." Turns out he was Stan North Martin the Director of Outreach, Communications & Consulting in IT. He had recognized my name when we went around the table and did our introductions.

Your fame precedes you, my friend, and rightly so!!

I hope you're doing well. I've been reading your blog. LOVE the picture of you in jeans and the cowboy hat. Still think you must have hired a stunt double for that shot, as it's something you would never really do ;-)


We have an "IBM internal only" social networking application called Beehive, which is pretty much like a Facebook for IBM employees. One of the features in the application is a thing called a "Hive5," where you make up five things about any topic you want to and post them on your profile.

During my time using Beehive (I joined on November 8, 2007), I created 15 Hive5s.

Here's a listing of them with the number of times they've been viewed by other IBMers. You can click on them to read the five items if you're interested in any of them.

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Five of my Favorite "Fun" Sites (Viewed 19 times.)"

Five of my Favorite Puns (Viewed 31 times.)

Odd Things About Me (Viewed 48 times.)

Five Heavy Questions (Viewed 28 times.)

Five Trips I Have Planned This Year (Viewed 12 times.)

Five Workout Motivators (Viewed 15 times.)

Five Things I Hate About Cruises (Viewed 22 times.)

5 Retreats (Viewed 11 times.)

5 Things I was Still Able to Do When My Power was Out (Viewed 8 times.)

My Last 5 Affirmations (Viewed 11 times.)

Five Obits Containing Creative Euphemisms for "Died" (Viewed 42 times.)

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Five Reasons Why I'm Resigning From IBM (Viewed 377 times.) [← This one wildly exceeded all of the others in terms of interest by other IBMers!]

People can post comments to these Hive5 entries, and that last one enumerating the reasons I'm leaving IBM, generated a ton of comments, some of them very, very sweet. I'm putting them behind a cut to save space. Click on the cut text if you're interested.

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