August 31st, 2008

A workout, some targeted shopping, and fancy dessert, karaoke@Flex, and a show@Legends...

My workout today consisted stretching, strengthening and cardio. For the stretching, I used that sheet for back strengthening I found last night, and when I got to about the six exercise on it, I noticed that one of the models in the picture looks like @abbyladybug!

And then it occurred to me that all of the models on this exercise sheet are women. I suppose the same back exercises apply to both men and women.

Today's stats looked like this:

 Exercise Category

 Exercise Type



 Flexibility Back stretching 15 minutes 6 different exercises provided by my doctor
 Strength Ab crunches 5 minutes On a body ball: up, hold for 5 seconds, down
 Cardio Elliptical 20 minutes 160-170 heart rate range
 Cardio Treadmill 20 minutes 140-145 heart rate range

After the gym, I made a run to Target, mostly to use up a gift card I'd received back either in October for my birthday or in December for Christmas, which has started losing value—approximately $4.00 to date. That's such a rip off when they do that. I finished off the card tonight, and then some.

I decided to stock up on some things that won't spoil, so I got a 24-roll package of toilet paper and as 12-roll package of paper towels, as well as some light bulbs I needed for the chandelier above my dining room table, and three CPK pizzas (one Thai Chicken and two Five Cheese & Tomato). Consistently, Target has the lowest price on these pizzas, even though it sounds like a weird place to get them.

Back home I had two Gorton's Cajun Blackened Grilled Fillets for dinner. For dessert, I wanted both an ice cream sandwich and some butterscotch chips, so I put on my chemistry hat, which is basically a dunce cap, and I used this formula to create a defuckinglicious dessert:

ice cream sandwich+=

There was quite the crowd out for karaoke tonight, being as it's a holiday tomorrow. There were actually a lot of people there I didn't know. Brigner was the bartender, and he was clean-shaven, due to his "gig" last night.

At a little after midnight, I went over to the show at Legends, and it was so crowded in the "Spotlight Lounge," that I could barely get in there, and upon entering it felt like walking into a sauna. Surprisingly, Victoria "Porkchop" Parker did not make an appearance tonight. However, Coti Collins did, and she sang the Reba and Kelly Clarkson duet, Because of You—minus the Kelly Clarkson part.