July 24th, 2008

On the mend, working from Helios, my manager makes a move, and dinner w/Steve...

As expected, each time I raised my arms today, I was reminded of two things: (1) I worked my upper body yesterday, and (2) It's been too long since the last time I did. At one point this morning, I raised my arms in the mirror and there were these two things sticking out up in my shoulder area, and I thought, "Oh my god. What are those?" Turns out I think they're actually some kind of shoulder muscles that didn't used to be there. At first, I thought they were tumors or something.

A temperature check this morning, albeit about an hour after I took some aspirin, resulted in a 98.4° reading, which was not surprising since I didn't feel like I had a fever. I'm also noticing, as I did the last time I got sick like this that the top of my head is super sensitive—pains to the touch, even brushing my hair—my postherpetic neuralgia.
However, my throat is still a little sore, and I now have some pain in my right ear.

This pain invading various parts of my head makes me wonder about brain cancer, which also makes me wonder if I've always had that kind of thought progression or if that's something that comes with: (1) old age, in general; (2) appreciating the value of one's intellect ever more as one gets older, specifically; (3) having known someone who acquired brain cancer at a fairly early age; or (4) some combination of the three thereof. Sigh.

I had an early lunch at home, and then went to Helios to work from there for the afternoon. Chris (zinnian) and his date/friend Todd (bartender from CCs) had stopped by for a pre-movie coffee, and after a short visit left for the 2:00 screening of The Dark Knight at a Raleigh iMax theater.

Mid-afternoon, while editing a writer's help messages, I had an instant message conversation with my manager, which proceeded as follows:

Since she currently resides and works in Austin, I have always considered myself having a "remote" manager. Well, this takes remote to a whole new level.

She's moving, at least initially, to Anchor Point on the Kenai Peninsula. It's close to Homer, the Halibut Fishing Capital of the World!

After urging her to please consider calling a "face-to-face" department meeting up there sometime, I said to her before signing off, "Well, one thing for sure, that should really cut down on those telemarketing calls trying to sell you ice, because everyone knows..."

Actually, this Web page answers the question: "How would you sell ice to an Eskimo?"

I love this onesentence.org entry, mostly because it intimates that "it could happen to anyone."


When I was reading Walden on a park bench, a homeless black man walked past and said "I used to read Thoreau".

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2008-07-23 11:54:59 / Rating: 47.25 /

I met my friend Steve at El Dorado in the Vandora Springs Shopping Center in Garner, where we were over-served a very inexpensive meal—$9 each, including the tip. Afterwards, we stopped at a new coffee shop just around the corner from there, where I had a little sweet cake—it was pretty small and I gave Steve about a quarter of it. With it I had a cup of coffee. He had an Orange Creamsicle Frappe, which looked like strawberry, but tasted totally orange-creamish. Delicious.

It was so good to catch up with him. We've really let too much time lapse since seeing other. His Christmas party was the last time we'd seen each other. And here it is, the end of July already.

From there, I met Kevin (av8rdude) at the gym at 8:30, where it was an all-cardio day for me. I started off with crunches, and jacked them back up to 300, but did 15 sets of 20 instead of 10 sets of 30, which does make a difference. (15 sets of 20 is easier.) As soon as I started, however, in the first set, I was reminded that yesterday was my first day back into them in a long time. Ouch.

Exercise Type
Minute Duration
Calories Burned

Cardio (Elliptical)



Cardio (Treadmill)






Exercise Type

Strength (Crunches)




Today, I learned something totally unexpected in the locker room of my gym. The wall in front of which the TV that's in there hangs? That's east. (Or potentially, slightly southeast.) Here's how I know:

As I was changing after my workout, three young guys, I'd say in the 20-23 years old range, lined up right in front of the lockers where I was changing—two in the back, one in the front, like the 1-2-3 bowling pins, and then got down on their knees. I thought they were stretching, as some people actually do in the locker room. (Which, in and of itself, is suspicious in my book, but I digress...)

They leaned forward and put their hands on the ground out in front of them, one chanted, the others chanted in response. This went on for a couple of minutes, sometimes standing, sometimes back on their knees. I left before it was all said and done.

I stopped in the Harris Teeter next to the gym for a bottle of Tylenol, after ruminating about whether it would be cheaper at K-Mart and whether K-Mart would still be open at this late hour.

I stayed in this evening and got to bed at a reasonable hour.