July 22nd, 2008

Still sick, Uncle Frank's card & letter, Steve@Flex...

What are people thinking? From a sentiment posted to an obituary today: I'm so sorry to hear of you'r loss. Huh? Whose loss would that be exactly? What missing letter(s) is the apostrophe representing?

I got a good night's sleep, though I did wake up once or twice absolutely soaked and stuck to my sheets and pillow. Gross.

Before I went to bed last night, I composed my sentiments to add to the card for my uncle. In this "blank inside" card, I wrote: "As if carved in stone, you have left indelible traces on my heart and in my mind."

Greeting card with stone-carved hearts on it.

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I worked from home today.

Someone on Twitter pointed to this blog called Dirt & Noise. I love this woman's writing. I looked at her last three entries, and were engaged by all three of them:

Don't cha wish your momma were hot like me? (You'll never think of sweaty breasts the same again.)

5:00 Fridays. (I particularly like the Myers-Briggs ENFJ part. I'm an ESFJ, myself, sharing each element except the S & N, which are the details vs. big picture, practical vs. imaginative, and the live in the here and now vs. the eye toward the future differences.  All that is to say, is that I could definitely relate to her writing about being a "J.")

Smiling faces. Beautiful Places. For Heterosexuals only.

I may have to subscribe to her blog.

I had committed to meet my friend Steve (from Atlanta and the In The Woods Campground) at Flex tonight for karaoke, since he was in town for a three-day IBM meeting.

It was good to see him, and to show him the hole that Flex is.

After he left, Curt (pipe-smoking) came in and over to hug me and I said, "I'm sick honey. I have a fever."

He immediately gave me the evil eye. "If you have a fever, then you're contagious. I've got an 80-year old mother that I have to take care of and I can't be getting her sick."

"Okay," I said. "I had no idea that having a fever meant you were contagious."

After that, Micheal Lester, who is also a "hanger" and at times a "personal space invader," came next to me, and I said, "I've been told that I'm contagious, because I have a fever."

He put his hand on my forehead and then just screamed, "Oh my god. You do have a fever. You're contagious. What are you doing out?"

Although, according to Fever Myths Busted, this is not necessarily true, since a lot of people seem to believe it, I may use it get anybody invading my personal space away from me from now on.

Joe and I left there at about 12:30, I guess. I was exhausted, and did feel like I had a little bit of a fever still, but Joe recommended not taking Aspirin after drinking, so I went to bed without taking any.