April 19th, 2008

Queen City Stomp 2008 - Day 2

We got up at just before 10:00 this morning, and after some coffee and the leftover half of my omelet from last night, Robert and I headed out for a ride to the closest Target to get some Pepper & Onion Relish to make a dip with.

Amazingly, there was exactly one jar of it left, and it was on sale to boot. Living right.

Right next door to the Target, was a SECU, which was perfect as I wanted some cash, and I don't get charged an ATM fee making withdrawals there. Bonus.

After, let's just call it, a "leisurely" ride home (read: we got lost), we ate at the Honey Baked Ham place adjacent to our hotel. We both got their Ham Salad Sandwich, was was killer.

Back at the room, I made up the dip.

The air conditioning was not working very well in our room, and we called down to have someone come up and look at it. The guy "reset it," but it didn't do that much—if any—good. Fortunately, it's not so bad that it's unbearable or worth changing rooms, considering how "involved" Party Central is. Besides, tonight's our last night here.

Party Central officially opened at 3:00, and very shortly after that, our first guest arrived—Chris (zinnian), and shortly after that Patrick arrived. A little while later, Patrick's friend Rob arrived.

We had a lot of fun conversation, which at one point included Chris bringing up—on his iPhone—Beyonce's mishap on the stairs in a youtube.com video. Gotta love technology.

Today's Stomp Happy Hour started at 5:00, during which I drank some of that—what turned out to be—shit-kicking punch. I think they said it had everclear in it. That can't ever be good.

Needless to say, that called for some food in the tummy, and we once again walked to the KFC that is right here by our hotel. I went to the restroom when we got there, and two unpleasant things happened while I was in there:

  1. There was only one toilet and one urinal in there, pretty much side-by-side, with no partition between them. In the urinal, there floated a turd. This is all I'm going to say about that, because I hate talking about bodily functions like that.

  2. When I went to exit the bathroom, the door wouldn't unlock. I banged on the lock, I banged on the door, and eventually it either gave way or someone from the outside did something. Drama.

Just before leaving, Rob (who we'd met earlier in our room through Patrick) knocked on our door to tell us that a bunch of his (Charlotte) friends had gotten him a birthday cake, and he wanted us to come by his room (just down the hall) to have a piece of cake and meet some new friends. 

We were there very briefly, but it was nice to meet some of the folks we'd seen dancing all last night.

Dancing was an absolute ball tonight. I danced a lot, and had several dances with "new" people, which always adds to the fun. I danced, I think it was three dances, with this Asian guy who had come all the way from San Francisco for the Stomp.

Which reminds me, usually this Stomp draws its crowd from the greater NC-SC-TN area, but I heard it said twice this weekend that there were people here from seventeen states! Cool.

During the speeches and dancing group performances, me, Robert, Carl, Bill, and Michael walked back to the room and had three or four rounds of Blow Jobs and munched on some chips and dips.

It was a short, albeit fun time, and we got to telling quick, silly puns and jokes, ending in a hug from Carl who said, "I love you guys."  Awww.

We danced to the very end, with the last dance stopping at about 2:10 AM.

Back at the hotel, we changed, and went down to the after party, which was quite festive, with the highlight being about 20-25 Domino's pizzas that were delivered.

Personally, I was both danced out and "drinked" out, so I just drank water down there.

All in all, a great, great day, and time overall. Yay!