April 11th, 2008

Food prepping with comments, Heliosing, Twittering, Exercising, and Partying...

I met Kevin (av8rdude) at Bruegger's @ Mission Valley, just before 10:00, where we each had a pumpernickel bagel with light, plain cream cheese, and some Rain Forest Nut coffee. It was all good. Marginal scenery today.

Back home, I did two loads of laundry—one lights, one darks.

While that was going on, I did "food prep" work to some of the stuff I bought at the grocery store last night:

  1. cut up the cantaloupe (Yay, it is so ripely delicious!)

  2. diced the sliced mushrooms (I know it sounds kind of funny, since I bought them sliced. However, it takes a fraction of the time to dice sliced mushrooms than whole mushrooms. That's my story, and it's sticking to me.)

  3. diced that bunch of celery1 (More accurately, I diced up one container's worth, and filled another container with the stalks cut in 1.5-inch (or so) segments to laden with cream cheese and top with a slice of gherkin pickles as an appetizer.)

  4. food processed (As if that's a verb!) that "seriously sharp" cheddar (And OMG, it was severely, seriously sharp! YUM!)

  5. sliced the Swiss cheese

  6. sliced up a head of lettuce (I know you're supposed to tear lettuce and not cut it, but I don't give a flying leaf—to mix a metaphor. What's a metaphor? Why, to grow daffodils and daisies in, of course. Badump-bump.)

  7. food processed some of the baby carrots (To sprinkle on my salads.)
1Okay, in writing that list, I wrestled with what a group of stalks of celery is called. I considered a bundle, but thought it was a bunch. But a bunch of celery sounds like a lot, which would be accurate if there were about 10 stalks in the bunch, which it just so happens there were for my purchase. However, I wouldn't feel right calling two stalks a bunch of celery, because it seems more like a little celery than a bunch of celery. But I digress...

I met Kevin (av8rdude) at Helios at just after 2:00, where among other things we met abbyladybug, a fellow Tweeter. Evidently, she saw the Twitter home page up on my laptop, introduced herself to us, and we all "followed" each other on Twitter.

Web 2.0 is a wild ride.

At about 3:30, Kevin left Helios for his haircut, and about 20 minutes later, I left for the gym, where it was upper body day, which I followed with 30 minutes of cardio. I also added on crunches to the end of my upper body routine today; I had been doing them only at the end of my lower body routine. Kevin pointed out last time that crunches are one of those things you can do all the time. So, why not?

I listened to three Slate Explainer Podcasts during my 30-minute cardio time, and one of them just absolutely blew my mind, since right before I left to go work out I was only halfway through my daily 64 oz. regimen, and I gulped 16 oz on the way out.

Who Says You Need Eight Glasses a Day? The history of a debunked theory.

A recent editorial in the Journal of the American Society for Nephrology is getting wide press coverage for debunking the so-called "8x8" theory—the popularly held belief that drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily helps remove toxins, improve skin tone, and increase satiety, among other health benefits. The authors chalk up the belief to folklore, and newspaper reports claim ignorance as to its provenance. Just how long has this idea been around?

Two-hundred years, at least. The most commonly cited source for the 8x8 myth—highlighted in this 2002 review paper by a Dartmouth professor—is the U.S. government-sponsored Food and Nutrition Board.* The board's "Recommended Dietary Allowances" from 1945 include the following advice... Read the rest of the story...

I don't think there's a diet in the world that I've been on in my life (and I've been on several) that hasn't touted what a critical part of its success hinges on drinking 64 oz. of water a day. I'm quite sure that even my physicians have told me that.

Today's workout statistics:
Exercise Type
Calories Burned
or Area Worked



Upper Body




When I got home, I saw my remaining 16 oz. of water sitting in my water bottle, and I threw my head back and said, "Unh!" And went right for a Diet Coke instead. With it, I had the most delicious salad in the world—the fruit of all that labor detailed above. Well, I guess technically, it was the vegetable of all that labor above. [Badump bump! I'm here all my life, folks!]

I went to Maryellen's party, where I knew I was not going to know a sole soul—and didn't—but I had a great time. I spoke a little while with a gal named Sunny, who was Chinese, so I talked about my October China trip with her. She gave me some tips about haggling.

I spent most of the party talking with a married couple, Tim & Dani, who are both realtors, and were a ton of fun. I loved their business card, which was pretty much a short version of this. Our conversations ranged from the age old: ridiculous to the sublime. Good peeps.

I hope to be in touch with them in early May to consider some investment property in Durham around the Golden Belt area.

Maryellen's new house is just charming. It's so her. I loved it, and her in it.

I met Joe at Flex afterwards, where we played several games of free pool. There was a sperm-of-the-moment going away party for James, the bartender, who has had a job offer he can't refuse in Atlanta.

Toward the end of the evening, I got a $2.00 bottle of water, gave him a twenty, and said, "Keep the change."

I wanted to eat the house down when I got home, but resisted. I ate just the back deck instead. [Just kidding!]