March 31st, 2008

Glorious rain again today, a little bit of Helios, a workout, and early to bed...

I was under the weather today, and the weather wasn't all that, either. I didn't work today; I'm going to work Wednesday this week instead.

I stopped by the Avent Ferry post office, where I mailed a 'Tween Gift to my parents.

What's a 'tween gift? A shared gift sent between their birthdays—hers March 1st, his April 30th.

I got to Helios at about 3:30, where I actually did some IBM editing work. Joe joined me after about 40 minutes, where he did work as well.

At about 4:30, Kurt and Kevin (av8rdude) dropped in for some coffee. They were laptopless. They stayed for 30 or 40 minutes.

There was some type of political event going on at Helios this evening—some senator campaigning or speaking—something like that. All I know is that I wanted out of there before it started at 6:30. We took our leave at just after six.

This is an interesting article. It might save someone you love: No mouth-to-mouth required in new CPR rules.

After doing my lower body workout, and while doing my cardio work, I listened to the March 7, 2008 episode of This American Life called Return to Childhood 2008. My favorite parts were the Prologue and Act One.


Host Ira Glass talks with Kayla Hernandez, a seventh-grader who likes to reminisce about when she was a child, back in fifth grade. She visits Room 211 in her school, where her fifth grade class met, and looks at her old books, thinks about what happened there. She says she knows that decades from now, she won't even remember most of what's happening to her this year, in seventh grade, and that makes her sad. (5 minutes)

Act One. Ich...Bin...Ein...Mophead.

This American Life producer Alex Blumberg sets out to find a woman named Susan Jordan, who babysat him and his sister for a year when he was nine. He discovers that each of them remembered something about the other that the other would just as soon forget. (20 minutes)

Today's workout statistics:
Exercise Type
Calories Burned
or Area Worked






Lower Body





I turned in early this evening, and started reading How to Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person.