March 28th, 2008

Working out, editing, and bar-hopping...

Since I got to bed at 10:00 last night, I was up and at 'em at 7:00 this morning.

Kevin (av8rdude) and I had a date at the gym at 9:30.

I worked on upper body today, and did my damnest to not break into song with all of the "gay" music that was playing. First an Abba song, then Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and then Alicia Bridges with I Love the Night Life. I had to really hold myself back from singing.

The only thing that makes a bunch of straight guys more nervous than a flaming queen in the weight room is bending over to pick up the bar of soap later in the locker room's open area showers. Butt [sic], I digress...

During my 30-minute cardio workout today, I listened to these Slate Explainer podcasts:

Episode TitleQuestion Answered
What is a Mortgage-backed Security?The financial instrument that destroyed Bear Stearns.
How Realistic is (the new movie) 10,000 B.C.?Did woolly mammoths help build the Pyramids?
Porn vs. ProstitutionWhy is it legal to pay someone for sex on camera?[Very, very interesting podcast. I had never thought about this. The gist of the answer is that: Prostitutes are being paid for sex; porn stars are being paid for acting. Now you know darn well that after about the first month of work, prostitutes are acting, too. I'm just saying. What a great country we live in.]
Legally BlindThe man who will replace Gov. Spitzer, Lt. Gov. David Paterson, will be the first legally blind governor in U. S. history. What does it mean to be legally blind?
Deadly Sins 101Is stem-cell research worse than sloth?
How To Prosecute Eliot SpitzerWhich federal laws might the governor have broken?
How Do You Go Off the Record?Why Samantha Power couldn't take back her monstrous gaffe.
What's Taking So Long in Texas?Waiting for the caucus results in the Lone Star State.

Today's workout statistics:
Exercise Type
Calories Burned
or Area Worked



Upper Body





After working out, Kevin and I stopped at Bruegger's at Mission Valley for a bagel and some coffee. I tried (by accident) their Green Mountain Fair Trade Rain Forest Nut® coffee, and pretty much loved it.

I forgot to write about this weight milestone on Wednesday. At one point, while dancing, I had to tighten my belt up a notch—to the second to the last hole.

It's embarrassing to say, but when I started exercising at the end of January, the only way I could even get it to buckle in the last notch was if the belt was below my belly. Progress.

At around 3:00 this afternoon, I started editing from Helios. At a little after 4:00, Kevin (av8rdude) joined me.

One of the newer employees at Helios is just so darn cute, and today, after I'd told him the men's room was out of paper towels and then ordered a refill, when he handed my my refill, he said, "There you go, and the men's room is stocked with paper towels now."

I said to him, "Thank you. And for the record, you're adorable."  I have no idea if he's gay or not, but he responded appropriately—that is, with a slight reddening of the face, and a "Thank you."

Kevin and I left Helios at just before 6:00, and once home, after dinner, I edited right up until 9:45.

I met Joe at Flex at just after 10:00. Santiago was there with Wes (Jay's ex), who are both gay republicans (a rarity) it occurs to me now in thinking about how they might know each other.

David (the karaoke host) talked with Joe and I for too long, then Randy from Durham who I haven't seen in forever talked with us a while, and then finally, after almost 1.5 hours of hogging the pool table, the two guys on it gave it up. Joe and I played three games, during which time Scott arrived.

After checking out Scott's new wheels in the parking lot, the three of us walked over to Legends at maybe 12:30. The show was still going on, so we watched the last half of that.

We ended the night in the courtyard, sitting at one of those concrete tables, talking with three lesbians, who were all from Henderson, NC. We had great conversation about a lot of different things.

I left at a little after 2:00. Looking for Joe on the way out, with no luck, I stopped and danced for about two minutes with James (the black guy who comes a lot on Wednesday night, usually with his friend Doug).