March 17th, 2008

No TV anniversary, editing, lower body, an EAGLE gathering, DSAS award, and a drink or two...

Today, I celebrate 6 complete years with no television in my home. Yay!

A gem from indexed blog:

Price check!

I worked from home today doing guess what—editing.

I ran into Planet Fitness today to meet Rachel @ 11:00, who took me through the Lower Body machines. I didn't have time to stay and do the actual routine, but learned the proper technique on each machine and got my chart all filled out with the settings for each machine.

She did make me warm up on the stationary bicycle for 10 minutes, which burned off 52 calories (Who's counting? I think you know who's counting.)

John Cise, an EAGLE member visiting from Austin, organized a dinner out at Salsarita @ Brier Creek, which I attended this evening. In attendance, in addition to the Johns, were Frank Z., Jay C., and Julie S.

We talked about a lot of things, including:

  • What kind of place is IBM at which to work these days?

  • What do Diversity Network Group (DNG) members (of all constituencies) look for in a community?

  • What is the value of a DNG, both professionally and personally?

  • What affect has the lost of loyalty, in both directions—between employees and employers, had on DNGs?

  • What affect has the large shift to working-at-home employees had on DNGs?

  • IBM's perceived "schizophrenic" relationship with DNGs.

  • Our constituency's (GLBT) needs versus those of the other constituencies (Women, Asian, Hispanic, Black, Native American, People with Disabilities, and Men)—How are our needs different? Are they? Are we all experiencing the same phenomena?

  • What does, or doesn't, draw people to DNG events?

  • "Work friends" vs. "real friends."

  • Corporate leaders' participation in DNG events and in our international DNG discussion forum.

  • Twittering, Lotus Symphony, IBMers who have gone to Microsoft and Google, and longevity with the company.
All in all a pleasant evening, with good people, all having been passionate about EAGLE at one time or another—some even now.

Lest I leave that without saying what I had for dinner @ Salsarita: I got their Chips and Queso and a bourbon and Diet Coke.

I think this selection is meant to be an appetizer. There was a half-cup (or less) of cheese dip—certainly not enough for the amount of chips that came with it. However, I would have eaten whatever amount they gave me, so in essence, their small portion saved me from myself.

On the other hand (he wore a glove—badump bump), the cocktail was big-boy size (16 ounces), and top-shelf bourbon (I usually drink house bourbon out), so that made me happy.

I stopped by Helios on the way home, and caught Sarah just before closing. She had my DSAS award plaque, and it's just a beautiful, beautiful plaque—and it being an award that really means a lot to me, that's just bonus.

I stopped by Flex, where I was thinking it was Tuesday night and karaoke would be going on, but just before I got there, I realized it was Monday. Oh well, though it would be dead in there, the well drinks (my house bourbon and Diet Cokes) are only $1.25 tonight.

It was indeed dead in there. I spent most of the time chatting with John and Steve—neither of which are any John or Steve I ever talk about here, just casual acquaintances from the bar.