February 8th, 2008

"Yes we can," a workout, Go RLP, Helios, a big soft taco, and some free pool at Flex...

I really like how this is done, purely from a creative perspective.

I listened to several more chapters of In Cold Blood during my one-hour workout. General Hospital was on one of the television sets. I can't believe that Bobbie and Luke are still on that show; surely (don't call me Shirley!) it's been about 30 years!  I can't believe how much they've aged, when I haven't. 

Today's workout stats:




Some good stuff going on over at RLP—he's sharing a period of disillusionment with religion in his life. I wish I could point the lady who was so pleased with herself for upping her witnessing count on me when I visited Jeanie-baby to these entries.

Mission Trip Part One: Real Live Preacher talks about what led to his trip "up north where a lot of people didn't go to church and weren't Christians."

Mission Trip Part Two: RLP meets up with unfamiliar cultural norms, gets told to "fuck off" a few times, and experiences disillusionment in the numbers—five saved souls.

Good stuff. Some of the comments posted against the entries are particularly poignant.

After an early-afternoon workout, I met Joe at Helios for a few hours. From there, we stopped by my house where we had a huge soft taco for dinner.

We got to Flex at about 8:00 and played 5 or 6 games of pool. Joe texted Scott and convinced him to come out.

At right about midnight, they decided to go to Legends, and I decided to go home.