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December 26th, 2007

Oh glorious sleeping in and vacation days!

I ran by Target, where I had printed a couple of pictures from yesterday at my sister's, as well as a couple of my graduation pictures.

I stuck the one of my sister and her husband in front of their tree onto the front of a "photo card" made for that purpose, and enclosed the others inside with a note of thanks for everything they do for the holidays for our family.

I stopped by the Avent Ferry post office on the way to Helios from there, where I had the envelope weighed, and mailed it as well as three other thank-you cards. 

On the counter at the post office was a huge trophy cup for post office Station of the Year. I like both of the guys that were working today, and it's always friendly and great service there.  I told them both as much and congratulated them on their award.

I spent the afternoon at Helios, where I spent the afternoon writing. Glorious days redux.

I wrote an article for the upcoming January edition of Technically Speaking, the newsletter of the Society for Technical Communication at NCSU. The article was about the PhD Panel Discussion event that we sponsored in October.

I heated up leftovers from yesterday's Christmas meal for dinner tonight: ham, stuffing, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce, some deviled eggs and rolls.

Robert and I started a very difficult Indy crossword puzzle before dancing, and got about halfway through it.

Dancing was okay tonight. I really wasn't into it—mostly because the huge, heavy, fan has "gone missing." WTF?

At home we picked back up on the crossword puzzle, and actually made some good progress on it before lights out.



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