December 3rd, 2007

Wide-screen angst....

I worked from home today in anticipation of the arrival of my new flat-screen monitor. It arrived at a little after 4PM, and thank goodness I was home.

I just can't believe they would have left a 300-something-dollar monitor out in front of my townhouse door, but they sure would have, as he didn't even wait until I came to the door to leave. It was pushed off to the side behind my shrubs. Crazy.

I stopped at K-Mart on the way to class, desperate for some low-dose adult aspirin (a.k.a. "baby aspirin"). I remember it making an impression on me when I bought this last bottle exactly one year ago today, because it contained exactly 365 tablets. How do the days pass? An aspirin at a time, evidently.

There was traffic drama over by Tompkins, with the right turn onto Hillsborough Street, right there at the Sadlack's corner being blocked by a police car, for no obvious reason.

I parked on the street behind a car whose alarm was sounding, and had been for god knows how long. I wondered if it'd still be sounding when I got out of class an hour and fifteen minutes later. It wasn't, but I don't know if someone turned it off or if the battery was dead.

I felt a little "disconnected" in my antepenultimate Rhetoric of Science and Technology class. Presenters on their final papers tonight were: Anna, Tyler, Leigh, and Jeremy. I wish I'd had something to write with to take notes.

After class, I drove to my IBM office, where I worked on my Verbal Data Analysis final paper all night. It seemed like I did a lot of work, but looking back at it at the end of the night, it didn't amount to much. I wondered if that's what anorexics feel like when they look into a mirror to see how thin they might be getting.