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November 21st, 2007

Even though I'll be under a tremendous amount of pressure over the next three weeks, I'm loving my life right now, and particularly today for some reason.

I filled out five cards this morning, and dropped three off at the post office on the way to Helios.

In line at Helios behind a North Raleigh Stepford wife type, complete with a tennis outfit, I was subjected to this conversation between her and the barista:

SW: "What do you have that's the equivalent of Starbucks' blah, blah, blah?"

The barista tells her, and then he asks her, "Do you want one or two shots in that?"

SW: "Shots? Of coffee?"

"Or espresso..." the barista finishes.

SW: "Well, at Staaarbucks..."

Okay at this point I'm ready to say, "Newsflash, bitch! You're not at Starbucks. And if you want to be, there's one within walking distance of here."

She, her perfect daughter, and her J-Lo knockoff-looking friend sat down at the table beside me, and I dove right for my earbuds and pumped up the volume on the iPod to which they were attached. I was not about to be subjected to any of the drivel of their life's ennui.

This cracked me up from brianrdu's blog. The title is "My Favorite Brows," and it starts with this picture of you-know-who.

Then the line: "The apple don't fall far from the tree," followed by this picture and caption:

"I'm all for making a statement, but the girl is 11 years old. It's time."

I had dinner at K&W, and then stopped by David and E-Ching's, where I tried on David's graduation gown, and borrowed it, along with his cap and E-Ching's hood.  All set. Now all I need is to make it through the next three weeks.

I got an e-mail from the professor of my Rhetoric of Science and Technology class letting me know that I got an A on the rewrite of "Paper 1." Yay!

Dancing was fun tonight. We had lots of dancers, and the bar ended up packed.

I'd heard on the radio today that today was "Black Wednesday," which is to bars as "Black Friday" is to retail stores.



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