November 17th, 2007

Chaffering, editing, dinner out, and dancing...

I was up at 4:15 and served Irene breakfast consisting of coffee, a hard-boiled egg, a sausage patty, and an English muffin. I dropped her off at the United curbside check-in at 5:35 for her 6:15 flight.

Since I was so close to the office, I stopped by IBM, where I converted my Rhetoric and Science of Technology Paper 1 rewrite from Word to Publisher, while doing a final edit on it. Boy, can I edit something to death.

Before leaving the office at around 8:30AM, I finally went through IBM's benefits offering for next year to see if I needed to change anything, and then elected the ones I wanted online. Glad to have that done. The deadline is Tuesday.

From there, I went to Helios where I managed to piss away four hours.

Returning home, I set out to take a four-hour nap, to recoup some of last night, but only managed to sleep about 2.5 hours.

Robert and I had dinner at K&W in Cameron Village, and then went dancing.

We had a fair number of dancers there tonight—in addition to Robert and myself, there was Karl, Bill, Michael, Patrick, Herman, and Rick.

The dancing stopped right at 10:30, so that David could start setting up for Beareoke, which was what was next on tap. We left just as it was starting. Too much damn smoke in that place.