November 13th, 2007

Eye exam, editing, homework, class, and more homework...

I had an eye exam today, and as can be expected after a two-year hiatus, there have been some changes. New glasses are on order.

What follows are not two exceptionally elaborate bowling balls, but alas, my retinas. When I told Dr. Clark—whom I love—that they were going in my blog, he responded, "Oh, no; those won't do. Let's take some nice, new ones, now that your eyes are dilated." My kind of doctor!

I don't know how anyone without insurance makes it these days. My out-of-pocket expenses for my eye exam and some new glasses today was $385. Without the insurance, it would have been $800 and something. Crazy.

I have never had a worse lunch from the IBM cafeteria than I did today. I threw half of it away.

My manager postponed our 1-on-1 meeting today. Two other "hot" items had come up.  Fine with me; I'm plugging away at editing.

I spent late afternoon / early evening at Helios, where I worked on creating graphs of the newest coding that Jason and I applied to our Verbal Data Analysis class (Jason's) research data. I got all all excited about this "trend" I thought I was seeing, which in the end, just turned out to be a math dependency. Bless my mess.

Class was interesting tonight, though I was on edge for some of it, as I totally missed that we were supposed to read an article tonight as well as the reading assignment in the class text book.

After class, I spent a few minutes of time with Jason to make sure I understood the graphs he wants us to create for our presentation to the class on Thursday, showing and example of temporal analysis. Thank god I took a moment to ask him one question that ended up saving me, probably, seriously, 1.5-2 hours of work.

I fired off three or four STC-related e-mails today: to the STC Carolina Community, to John and Jen about the events schedule, and to the officers' listserv about a meeting date next week or the week after to close on the remaining events still indicating TBD on this year's calendar.

I read the two remaining readings for my Rhetoric of Science and Technology class tomorrow night, and devised posts for the electronic discussion board for each of them.