November 6th, 2007

A snore of a meeting, a birthday affirmation, more homework, more class, more homework...

I worked from home this morning—the highlight being my 1.5-hour conference call on Intellectual Property Naming & Legal Education. Not!

51 Powerpoint slides in 1.5 hours. Let's see, that's an average speed of 34 slides per hour, or a half-a-slide per minute. But I digress...

I logged in to Yahoo Instant Messenger, which I rarely do, and a message popped up sent by my brother at 10/13/2007 2:21:43 AM:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! 50!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!! Welcome Senior Citizen. LOL Happy Birthday John I hope you have a blast celebrating ! (before the reality sets in) Did your years fly bye? Mine did. You got a half century of wisdom behind you, so don't let the aches and pains bother you. Have a great day, live life large. I love ya. Mike


I created a bunch of the new graphs that Jason wanted, leaving barely enough time to shower and eat before leaving for class at 7:10.

In class, Michelle shared her Starbursts with me, and I ate two before my 8:00 fasting started. It's time for my annual physical (and lab work)—at 8AM in the morning.

After class, I read the assignments for tomorrow night's Rhetoric of Science and Technology class, devised two postings for the discussion board, and got to bed at 12:30.