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November 5th, 2007

Here's a pointer to an entry in the blog of an IBM colleague and friend of mine. It is so like something I would write, especially the seat diagram part.  This just totally cracked me up!  Day One: Stuck in the Middle With You.  Well worth the read!

After a good ten hours of sleep, I was off and running this morning with IBM editing.

First on my plate was to respond to questions from Shruti about an edit I sent to her on Thursday. After that, I managed to get through two of Christie's edits, and that was working pretty much nonstop through the day on them.

During the day, Judy instant messaged me to see if I wanted to go see Rent with her. Though I had to turn down seeing it for a fourth time, we did make plans to meet at Helios tonight and catch up.

I showered and left for class at about 5:20.

Rhetoric of Science and Technology class was interesting and fun enough tonight. Susan was away, at a conference I believe, and Anna lead the class discussion.

I got to Helios at about 7:30, and shortly after that Judy arrived. We had some great conversation, catching up on the last three years... we verified that that's when we saw each other last.  It's all in the Palm Pilot and in the blog. :-)

That's one thing I love about "documenting my life": I can almost always check where and when I was with someone last. :-)

At home, I read the homework reading assignment for tomorrow night's Verbal Data Analysis class.



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