October 31st, 2007

Happy Halloween, 3 through 2008, Helios, class, and dancing...

I'm not convinced that "Lucy" wanted to dress up for Halloween.

Lucy the Smashed Pumpkin.

From wral.com's Viewer  Submitted Halloween Pictures.

I forgot to mention a major development in my professional life yesterday! I had a very brief instant message conversation with my manager in which she broached the subject of my return to work full time in May of 2008, the thought of which already nauseates me.  In response, I blurted out (as much as one can blurt out in an instant message conversation):  "I just don't think I can do it. If that means 'letting me go,' then so be it."

To which she responded, much to my amazement, "I don't see a problem with that. We can talk about it more in our next 1-on-1 meeting. If staffing numbers are required for Fall Plan before we talk, I'll just list your position as three days a week through 2008."

If I were the type of person who did back flips, I'd've done one then.
This news makes me very happy.

After lunch, I headed over to Helios, where I finished up the last reading for tonight's class, in which I really liked this description of drama:

[I]n drama all the characters are before us, and we witness simultaneously their diverse experiences. In addition, in drama we typically know more than the characters portrayed. We know that A hates B for loving C and seeks revenge, while B trusts A but is insecure about C's love and could be moved to kill out of jealousy, and C thinks A and B are bosom buddies though she distrusts A and is totally devoted to B.

While we know all of this, the characters know only a few of these things. Thus the form of a drama brings us into a relationship with the characters in which we see them before us as in life and weigh the consequences that will follow from what each character does, but we are helpless to intercede. That is why we are fascinated and moved by drama.

We experience the heightened tension and emotion of knowing all this while the characters are sitting about the parlor engaged in conversation and not fully aware of what will result from their words and actions.

I had a piece of some killer Pumpkin Cheesecake, for which I switched to a refill of the Ethiopia instead of getting a Single Iced Skinny Caramella like I was going to get before I saw the cheesecake.

Rhetoric of Science and Technology class was fun again tonight. Andrew J. and Leigh were the summarizers, and they did something different—starting the class off showing some clips of TV shows, movies, and famous speeches, and having us guess whether they exemplified syllogistic progression, qualitative progression, repetitive, conventional, or minor forms of rhetoric, or some combination thereof.

Dancing was fun tonight. Though off to a late start in terms of both the dancers getting there and starting dancing, both the number of dancers and the number of bar patrons continued to increase as the night went on. In fact, I'd say this is the first time I can ever remember there being lots of people left in the bar when the dancers departed. Several were out for Halloween.