September 24th, 2007

Working from home, class, homework from Helios, a convo with the bro...

I worked from home today completing an edit for Christie.

I presented in class tonight, and spoke way too quickly. Suggestions included:
  • See if you can get a hold of some of the proceedings of past IRERS conferences to get a sense of the "tone" of the papers typically presented at the sessions geared toward practitioners. (Susan)

  • I'm going to send you a link to a blog [She did!] you might find interesting/helpful. (Sandy)

  • Check out a study by Jim Zappen and Theresa Harrison: Transforming New Communication Technologies into Community Media (Susan)

  • You might look at a publication called New Media & Society. (Anna)

I met Joe at Helios after class, where he worked on work, and I did homework.

I continued doing homework at home, and at about 10:45, I got an instant message from my brother.

We spent about 45 minutes chatting, eventually through the voice feature of Messenger, and I helped him save a bunch of pictures from my trip to Coventry—some sent through the Messenger photo exchange feature and some by right-clicking several of the ones in my blog.

It was a fun exchange all the way around.

After that, back to the grind of homework until about 1:30.