September 14th, 2007


I spent a good chunk of my day at the Center for Excellence in Curricular Engagement, preparing our new space for a grand opening / open house type event on Monday.

Among other things, we hung pictures, bulletin boards, and signs, and ate pizza made with lard in its crust.

I was going to meet Joe at Helios at around 3:30, but totally crashed on the way home on the bus, so decided to go directly home and nap.

I met Joe at Flex at about 9:45, and it was pretty dead in the place pretty much all night long. We played several games of pool, and then watched a few of the music videos with intermittent "visits" by (pipe-smoking) Curt, and (Rodessa Roadhouse) Rodney.

I left just before midnight, and Joe stayed to hang out a little longer.

I'm trying not to let it stress me out that I did absolutely zero homework today.