September 10th, 2007

Ownership of home run balls, a staff meeting, a hot walk to class, and homework...

A Legal Lad podcast that I listened today was addressing the question: "From a legal perspective, who owns the baseball that Barry Bonds hit for his 756th home run?" Is it...

Major League Baseball? They sponsored the event, purchased the ball for the game, and possessed the ball before the game.

The San Francisco Giants? The game was played on the property of the team, and the team employed Bonds, who made the $12 ball worth possibly millions.

Barry Bonds? He made the ball valuable by hitting so many home runs.

The fans? Do they have a contractual right to the ball by virtue of buying their tickets?

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I edited all day today from home, making tediously slow progress.

I rode the bus to campus, where I attended a 4:30–5:30 Staff Meeting at the CECE. Myra was out due to the birth of a new niece or nephew, and we all made a card for her to give to her upon her return.

The team working this academic year consists of: Donna (the Administrative Assistant), Alissa, Mandy, Kathy (which I'm just assuming is a "K" Kathy and not a "C" Cathy), Elizabeth, myself, and Lisa. That's who was present.

Not present, but definitely a part of the team is Myra, a guy named John, who is the AmeriCorps*Vista student this year, and I think Traci is still with us.

I left with what I thought was enough time to catch the bus from the Student Health Center to Tompkins, but when the bus hadn't come, and wasn't even in sight in the bumper-to-bumper traffic up and down Dan Allen, I knew I was going to have to hoof it, and that I was going to barely make it on time if I did at all. I was about a minute late and dripping with sweat by the time I got to class.

Rhetoric of Science and Technology class was engaging enough tonight, though I still feel like there's an element missing at the end of each class discussion—and that would be, "And the main reason(s) that we read for tonight, and discussed, what we did was..." (i.e., a "how this fits into the two presentations and papers you're going to do and write in this class" connection is what I'd like to see)

I caught the bus home, cooked a Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin for dinner, which I had with some cucumbers doused in Balsamic vinegar.

Back to the books...