September 7th, 2007

Some pills, some pictures, some school organizing, and a "First Friday" competition...

I picked up an "emergency" 30-day prescription refill today at K-Mart, as my doctor's office has mailed me the 90-day ones, which won't get here in time for me to mail to merckmedco and get the meds back before I'll run out of one of them.

I brought my flash drive with me to print some pictures, which I'd originally planned to do at Target, but thought I'd try K-Mart while I was there getting my prescriptions.

The machine looked kind of "old," and that was confirmed as when looking for a USB port for my flash drive I was confronted only with a 3.5-inch "floppy" drive slot and a CD ROM slot. I took my business to Target.

It took way too long to get 3 copies of 6 pictures made there, but at least they had a USB port on their kiosks. Once I got them, however, I was quite pleased with the quality.

I went into IBM for a couple of hours, where I mostly got my graduate school readings in order. Before I left, I grabbed about 20 technical magazines in which I hope to find at least one article that I can use for our first paper in Rhetoric of Science and Technology.

I met Robert for dinner in Durham, and we ate at the C&H cafeteria. I really enjoyed this dinner, as we had some good laughs—particularly around a short discussion on the "ability to get fat."

Back home, I did homework, and then met Joe at Flex—except that his flight was delayed and he never made it.

Unbeknownst to me, it was "120 Minutes" night at Flex, which is two hours of "alternative music" that has a "straight/Goth" following.

By the time it was apparent that the bar occupation tipped just over to the 51% straight people / 49% gay people ratio and that Joe wasn't going to make it, I went over to Legends to see their "First Friday" competition, which I've never seen before.

Kevin (av8rdude) and Kurt were there, and then before the show started Patrick (from line-dancing) showed up. I watched most of the show with him, and actually, the show was pretty competitive. There were 3 people (out of 6 or 7) at the end for whom we had to applaud several times to determine who was getting the most applause. This African-American woman with an incredible voice and who sang a song (as opposed to lip-syncing) won.