July 7th, 2007

Incoherency, a little card and grocery shopping, some coffee shop blogging, and dancing...

Triple Seven

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Triple Seven (or Triple 7, Three Sevens, Three 7s, T7, 777 or 7-7-7) is a common winning line in simple slot machines, as common as 3 gold bars, 3 gold bells or 3 red cherries. Being dealt three 7 cards in Blackjack is almost a sure win, as they would add up to 21. Seven is considered a lucky number in Western culture.

The date of 7 July 2007 (7-7-07), being considered a "lucky day", will mark the celebration of many weddings, including celebrities such as Tony Parker and Eva Longoria.[1] 7 July 2007 was also the date of the Live Earth concert to raise awareness for global warming.

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She walked into the room and coherency decided to step outside for a smoke break.

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2007-07-05 17:29:42 / Rating: 28.25 /

I slept in until about 9:40 today.

I contacted both of the people my sister and I want to present during our conference session to let them know we want them and to ask them to put the event on their calendars.

I ran to White Rabbit to buy a birthday card for Steven, which we gave to him at dancing tonight.

I stopped at Helios after that, and after a while Kevin (av8rdude), Kurt, Jennifer, and Clay (I think that's their names) joined me.

I worked on my blog entry from yesterday, while they talked.

While there, Kevin (zy1125) called me to ask me to join him and Marla for dinner tonight. An affirmation.

I stopped at the Harris Teeter on the way home, where I bought buns for our hamburgers tonight, potato salad for our side, some soda, some beer, some pickles, and cupcakes to also take to dancing tonight for Steven's birthday.

Robert made patties from the ground beef and then cooked them to perfection on the grill. At least they were to perfection for me. I'm a medium-well kind of guy.

Dancing was pretty festive tonight. We had a good number of dancers, Alan made a rare appearance, and the crowd grew as the night progressed.

I met Tom (bearzendurham) with whom I had a West East Coast Swing quick lesson and dance, and later a two-step. Fun stuff.

I loved my waltz with Robert, and it was even more fun than usual as Carl and Michael also waltzed, and we took turns playing tag team bumper car and dodge ball on the small real estate that is the Flex "dance floor."