July 4th, 2007

Nation's birthday, interesting sculpture, lunch w/Joe, a missed connection, and a gay for Patsy...

Interesting sculpture:

The victory, Donatas Joukauskas, Lithuania

I woke up at 8:30 today and thought, "Go back to sleep. Enjoy the holiday."  An hour later, after doing nothing but tossing and turning, I got up.

I met Joe for lunch at Bear Rock Cafe at Crossroads. I had their:

Mojave BBQ Flatbread      $7.49

Grilled chicken breast, Pepper Jack cheese, 30-spice BBQ sauce, grilled peppers and grilled red onions on grilled flatbread.

It was decent enough, but overall I'd say, "Overpriced."

We stopped at nearby Coffee and Crepes, where I had a cup of flavored coffee with the name of "Southern Pecan." It was pretty decent.

While at Crossroads, I ran into Target where I returned a box of Prilosec that I bought when I thought my Nexium refill wouldn't arrive in time.

Dancing was fun tonight. I missed meeting bearzendurham; he must have gotten caught up in a holiday celebration. :-)

Also, zinnian was conspicuous by his absence.

There was a new guy there tonight, and toward the end of the night, I went up and introduced myself to him. His name was Mike, and he has recently moved here from Boston.

I asked him if he was a dancer up there, and he said, "Yes, part of the Gays for Patsy group," which immediately reminded me of Dorothy Drennen, an IBMer I know who is also part of that group.

I asked him if he knew her, and he said, "Of course." Small gay line-dancing world.