May 8th, 2007

A sealion, obituary observations, my final STC newsletter, and some cheap entertainment...

You may recall the close-up picture of a snowflake, which didn't look anything like a snowflake, in one of my recent blog entries.

Well this is a close-up picture of a seahorse that is actually discernible as a seahorse.

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It has never occurred to me to list my favorite TV shows in my obituary. Oh wait a minute. I don't own a TV. From today's N&O obits:

Gwendolyn was known for her love of baking and knitting, she was also an avid watcher of the Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Steve Harvey and the Food Network Channel.

And another one of those "love stories" in the obits:

That's Amore!

Only 27 days after the passing of her one, true love, Marian Brenda Parsons Theriault joined her partner, Jack Theriault, to begin their next adventure together.

When recently asked by an old friend how she was faring, Marian said that every day at six o'clock, she would look towards the door expecting the arrival of Jack.

On Friday evening, May 4, 2007 at precisely six p.m., her heart and breath ceased as her soul mate took her home.

It was an IBM work day for me, and I worked from home.

I worked non-stop this evening on the my final edition as editor of the STC newsletter. I'd say that I'm about 85% done. Gotta finish it before I leave for Minneapolis on Saturday.

I dropped by Flex for some scareyoke, where I spent most of the time standing and speaking with Gerald. He'd been drinking a lot, and kept showing me pictures stored in his cell phone. Evidently, he paints as well as sings.

There was a Lesbian sitting right in front of me the entire time there, who I was totally attracted to. She had boyish good looks, tattoos up her left arm and a half of one poking out of the top of her shirt in the back. But I think it was the ball cap that did.

I swung over to Legends for the 12:30 show, which wasn't worth being up so late for.

During one of the songs, one of the drag queen's wig came off, and she was absolutely horrified, and then completely beside herself the rest of the number.