May 2nd, 2007

Legends (the play), Celebration of Service-Learning preparations, and dinner at Irregardless...

I love this "Map of Online Communities and Related Points of Interest":

Just capturing my tickets from my NYC trip:

Tonight, at the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts in Raleigh, we saw:

which starred Joan Collins and Linda Evans. It was "good enough," but not great. It wasn't as funny as the advertisements set it up to be, and I think there was something about Joan Collins and Linda Evans not being "comedic actors" that kept it from being more than it was.

Anyhow, it was still enjoyable entertainment and a chance to see some famous people.

I put in a full day at Service-Learning today; we all spent most of the day finishing up details for tomorrow's big Celebration of Service-Learning.

I attended a meeting with some high-up university muckety-mucks today with Patti and Myra.

Robert and I had our 5th Anniversary celebratory dinner at Irregardless tonight using a combination of two $50 gift certificates—one for Robert's birthday from his sister, and mine from STC as the President's Award.

I had the Chicken Marsala, which was outstanding. Robert had the Seafood Linguine, which was good, but not great. We both enjoyed the hell out of our salads with lemon-tahini dressing. Robert's appetizer of Oysters on the Half Shell, and mine of Italian Bruschetta, were good, but not outstanding.

All in all, it was a great dinner in spite of our waiter's "long day," which manifested itself into a spilled glass of water that, thank goodness, just missed my lap, and terribly, terribly slow service.

Our bill came to around $65, hence the use of both gift certificates.

We met Joe, Steve, and Stephen for the play at 7:45, where we joined by old people and other gay men in Raleigh who had gathered to see the two aging divas alluded to above.