April 20th, 2007

Chillin', defense affirmations, lovin' language and my man, pool and show tunes...

In his blog, Bible Versus, Hugh, who is a gay man living with AIDS, is reading and commenting on the Bible, and being overseen by the Real Live Preacher. I really like this quote from Hugh in his blog:

"However, AIDS isn't necessarily now seen as terminal. Not as terminal as, say, Life."

So sweet! (And the lady, too.)

I had the most laid-back day I've had in a long, long time—still reveling in last night's event, I guess.

I started going through my paper piles, mostly because I'm looking for some printouts about the STC Conference and accommodations so I can complete my reservations.

It needs to be done anyway, as my sister is spending the night tomorrow, and I need to make the place look a little more presentable than it is right now.

I had a ton of affirmations arrive last night and today as a result of my e-mail captured in yesterday's blog entry.

Since my blog is called dailyafirmation, I want to capture some here. I'm going to put them behind a cut so that those of you who don't care to participate in the "John Martin love-fest" can be spared.

Collapse )

Is it any wonder that my life is so great—I'm surrounded by loving, caring, and generous-spirited friends and family.

I love language and smart men who can manipulate it. I was having an instant message conversation with Robert, and he was telling me that his mother was trying to send him a picture of his older brother (who is now deceased). It was a picture of him in the 70s in a band that he played with.

He said: "It's taking up too much bandwith to send the picture he's in the band with."

Love it. Love it. Love it.

Then I told him I was going out with my friend Joe to celebrate defending my Master's project by saying, "Yeah, it's a bitch; but somebody has to do it," referring to partying, and he responded:

"Yes, I remember the daze." Most excellent.

I met Joe at Helios and we had some cawfee—he, a regular, light roast, and me, a single iced skinny caramella.

At Flex, we played a few games of pool with Chris (zinnian) and his date, Morris.

Later the twins arrived, but they were not the only "gay brothers" in the bar—Wes was there with his brother, who's from Greenville, and gay. Who knew?