April 11th, 2007

Lunch with Joe, dependency cross-referencing, napping, and dancing...

It happens!

Little girl: Mommy, I'm going to marry Daddy.

Mom: Sorry, honey, turns out Daddy doesn't like girls. Daddy likes other daddies.

A train

via Overheard in New York, Apr 10, 2007

I met Joe for lunch at Red Lobster, where I was thrilled to find the item on their lunch menu that I usually get at dinner time. Broiled Stuffed Flounder.

Joe had a big ole Shrimp Salad that looked delicious, too.

I spent a couple of hours at Helios, where I worked on my document—finishing up the dependencies cross-referencing.

There was a totally distracting, annoying conversation going on behind me between some kind of realtor and a client. iPod to the rescue.

At one point, I used the restrooms and noted that the rooms are marked "Men's Room" and "Women's Room." I'm quite sure these used to be unisex bathrooms. I used the Men's room, but had it been occupied, I'd've used the Women's in a heartbeat. They are the exact same thing inside.

I took a glorious three-hour nap this afternoon. Good, rainy day for it.

We had a full dozen dancers tonight: Carl, Bill, Geromy, Ernie, Shawn, Todd, Ross, Gordon, Steven, Rob, and Alan were all in attendance.

Carl taught Chill Factor for the first lesson and the Carolina Stomp for the second lesson.